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Why are ring lights so popular in Australia?


Ring lights are a round piece of lighting equipment that shines light onto a subject. They are applauded for a number of reasons, including their ability to reduce shadows and offer a very flattering light.

As with any trendy item to hit shelves and instantly boom in popularity, ring lights have received some criticism from the public. We have been watching the ring light trend ever since it began, so we know what rumours are true and which are false. How about we outline some truths and lies?

Fact: ring lights are absolutely dominating the beauty industry right now.

Fact: ring lights are absolutely dominating the photography equipment industry, too.

False: ring lights are a waste of money.

False: ring lights are expensive.

Fact: a ring light will vastly improve and simplify your work if you are a photographer, vlogger or beautician.

Everybody who has purchased a quality ring light from a trustworthy ring light company, and actually used it, knows that ring lights are the key to success. They have an entire list of benefits compared to other old-fashioned methods, and they are ultimately an investment for the future.

As avid users of ring lights, and people who understand the needs of the cosmetic and content-producing industries, we can certainly vouch for their worth.

First of all, let’s take a look at what ring lights are and who actually uses them. From there, we can analyse why each of those unique professional would benefit from using this circular lighting equipment. Finally, we will be able to put a final argument up against the

What are ring lights?
For those of you who may have fallen asleep (for, like, five years….), ring lights are a modern-day creation that have revolutionised the way that light is produced. Their popularity is undeniable, and some manufacturers are working overtime to keep up with the intense demand. It is thought that their reputation first grew in America and Canada. It has now crawled into the interest of the Australian and Asian markets, too.

In case you are getting lost in the maze of communication, let us be clear that ring lights are the same things are diva lights, circle lights, beauty lights and round lights. They can be referred to by any of these names, but ring lights is the most typical phrase. They are, after all, a light in the shape of a ring. It kinda makes sense.

Depending on the seller of the product, ring lights can be made in a number of different ways. In some cases, they are formed by a number of small bulbs. Alternatively, they are made with one large circular globe. In an indoor setting, LED ring lights will mimic daylight and present a natural-looking light onto a subject.

All ring lights will have a gap in the centre where no light is being emitted. This gap is an ideal location for photographers or videographers to place their camera or film equipment.

The introduction of ring lights into the market has many of us wondering: why on Earth didn’t we think of this earlier?! Nevertheless, we are just glad that it has been thought of. Woes of complex lighting systems are now a worry of the past.

Who are ring lights used by?
There are a variety of people who make use of ring lights. Their easy-to-use functionality means that it has been picked up by a range of professionals in an assortment of industries.

1. Makeup artists
Professional makeup artists are one of the most common people who are likely to own a ring light. The innovative light has taken over the beauty accessory market and weaved its way into the studios of MUAs around the globe.

Many famous YouTubers and users of video applications such as Vine have admitted to using ring lights when producing their video content. It is nothing to be ashamed of, after all. Some of them are even going as far as endorsing the tool because they believe in its effectiveness so strongly.

Most vloggers describe ring lights as simple, helpful and logical.

3. Photographers
In the equipment bag of every famous photographer is a ring light. The photography industry was one of the first to recognise just how valuable the contemporary light design is for shooting high-quality pictures. Even most amateur photographers have taken the plunge to purchasing a ring light.

They are mainly used for portrait imagery, beauty shoots and macro photography. Their benefits become slightly less necessary or effective when taking photographs of wide-spanning landscapes or scenery.

4. Social media influencers.
At the crux of a successful social media influencer is an ability to take excellent selfies and appear attractive to followers. Hence, celebrities from popular social platforms, such as Instagram, are major investors in ring lights. They particularly appreciate the flattering effect of the advantageous light.

5. The average Joe-blo.
Yup, believe it or not, any stranger on the street could potentially be a ring light user. Even though they are most common among MUAs and photographers, ring lights can essentially be used by anybody. When purchased from reputable companies, ring lights are simple to use and can be enjoyed by everyone, even if they are not technologically savvy.

As one of Australia’s largest LED ring light creators and sellers, we know that men and women across the country are purchasing small ring lights for their own personal use. Some people use ring lights when taking selfies, going through their daily makeup routine, or just for fun.

Why are people using ring lights?
Now that we understand who is purchasing and using ring lights, we can consider why exactly they are doing so. The truth is that there are hundreds of reasons why ring lights are popular, but we have listed the most noteworthy reasons.

1. To get images with even lighting.
For photographers and videographers, ring lights are a piece of revolution. In the past, photographers were continually challenged with the difficulty of angling their lights in a certain way that could reduce shadows and have evenly distributed brightness throughout a shot. However, no matter how hard they would try, it was nearly impossible to get every light in the perfect position to eliminate darkness. Especially for photographers who work in the outdoors, the task was extremely frustrating.

Yet, since the introduction of ring lights onto the market, uneven lighting has no longer been a problem. Ring lights offer a uniform light that emits itself directly from the point of view of the camera. With a top-quality ring light, shadows will be 100% eliminated and your subject will glow in a smooth, flattering level of brightness.

2. To apply makeup more evenly.
Having an even source of light means makeup artists can have better visibility over their client’s face.  As a result, they can better understand where makeup needs to be applied. They will also grasp a more accurate understanding of their client’s skin type and be able to choose liquid products that actually match their natural colourings and tones.

When the intensity is turned up on a dimmable ring light, beauticians will have the ability to identify blemishes on their client’s skin and adequately cover these. The dimmable nature of some ring lights also means that the light can be adjusted to foresee how the makeup will appear in other environments. So, if the makeup is being applied for a night time event, it is possible to see how the face will look in that darker atmosphere.

3. To have a simplistic, yet effective, light source.
Historically, those in the photography and beauty industries have needed multiple sources of light in order to bring a scene to life. Purchasing numerous large-scale lights and then carting them around to different positions and locations is not easy. In fact, these traditional lights were often bulky and had little manoeuvrability.

Thankfully, the best ring lights are providing relief to photographers, videographers and makeup artists across Australia. Their smaller size means they can be transported and moved with ease, whether that be from one side of the room to another, or from one studio to a studio in another state. One simple light = less setup time, less stress, more enjoyment.

4. To highlight the eyes.
Ever heard the saying: you can see it in their eyes?

It is true. The appearance of one’s eyes can have a major impact on the way they are perceived by others. Many photographers who are shooting portrait images spend hours upon hours editing the eyes of their subject to ensure they pop in the image. Instead of flustering in the post-edit stage, photographers now have the capacity to create fine-lookin’ eyes as the photograph is being snapped.

Of course, ring lights are the answer. When placed at the correct angle, a ring light can have the ability to produce a certain shimmer on a subject’s eyes. If it is the only light being used in the studio, a thin light ‘halo’ may be visible around the individual’s pupil. The white halo brings a sense of intensity and beauty to the face. Although it is a subtle effect, it can have a major difference on the overall splendour of the shot.

5. A cheap lighting method.
Once upon a time, beauticians and photographers have needed to purchase multiple lights in order to sufficiently light up a room. In old-school lights, each bulb could cost anywhere between $100 and $1000. Needless to say, lights were enough to break the budget. Pronto. In some cases, the lighting equipment was costing photographers more than their actual camera and lenses.

Nowadays, with the creation of popular ring lights, it is a different story. Because you only need one ring light for an even distribution of brightness, the costs associated with lighting are significantly less.

You are missing out!
Ring lights have quickly become a must-have product in the studios of all photographers, influencers and cosmetic artists. It may be time to play the fact and fiction game again…

FACT: If you do not have a ring light, you are behind the eight ball.

FACT: The best time to purchase a ring light is right now.

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