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What is a ring light and why do you need one?


Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the past five years, you are almost certain to have heard about ring lights. Perhaps you heard about them from a famous YouTuber, Instagrammer, or from your local makeup artist. If you have recently had your makeup completed by a professional artist, it is likely you even got to see a ring light in the flesh. Alternatively, you may have watched a vlogger explain why they love their ring light.

Depending on who you listen to and how your social group speaks, ring lights can also be referred to as circular lights, circle lights, diva lights or beauty rings. In fact, what they should be named is often debated in the professional industry. However, regardless of what you like to call them, there is no denying that they are a seriously popular product right now. Since their initial invention, their rise to popularity has been immensely rapid.

Soon, every man and their dog will have a ring light ready to whip out their pocket for use!

As one of Australia’s key ring light stores, we understand all of the ins and outs about ring lights. We live and breathe their importance, and we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about ring lights.

So… what are ring lights?

Ring lights are a modern lighting tool that beams light from a rounded ring. The circular catch-light design ensures that brightness is evenly distributed on a subject. It reduces shadows and liberally brightens a scene. They are simple to use and commonly considered a crucial piece of equipment in various industries.

More specifically, ring lights are made use of by makeup artists, beauticians, photographers and videographers. Many Instagram or YouTube influencers will use ring lights so that they can appear more attractive in their social media videos and photos. Ring lights are generally more valuable when aimed at a particular subject, rather than a widespread scene. Hence, they are used for portrait shots and when applying makeup to an individual.

A number of unique features contribute to the overall design of a quality ring light:

  • Circular ring design
  • Light that emits from around the ring
  • A gap in the centre of the light

The best ring lights will have strong LED globes installed. Some higher-quality ring lights will even have the ability to dim or brighten the light to match the specific environment that you are positioned in. This is an important feature for many professionals, because they may be filming videos or applying makeup at different times of the day or year when the natural light will be greatly varying.

The most popular ring lights are sure to have a number of other intriguing features that can be beneficial for certain uses.

Why would someone use a ring light?
There are multiple reasons why somebody may choose to use a ring light. The benefits of the contemporary tool are extensive and undeniable. No matter what your intended usage is with your ring light, there are sure to be various reasons as to why you need a ring light.

(If you are looking for an excuse to purchase that ring light you have alllwaayyss wanted, keep reading!)

1. Greater visibility on a subject’s face.
In order to appropriately apply makeup to necessary sections of a client’s face, the makeup artist needs to actually be able to see what areas of the face require attention. If the artist cannot see the blemishes, how will they know what type of product to use and what areas to focus on?

Ring lights are the perfect solution for balanced light over every facial feature. Old-school, simplistic lights often direct light onto the nose and forehead, but fail to show detail in the cheeks or chin. Ring lights are different because their round design captures both the frontal features and the features that are half way around the head.

Even if you are working out of an extremely dark or extremely lit room, ring lights can even the amount of light that is being emitted onto the subject. The best makeup artists all know that visibility is the key to perfect application. They can also assist with self-application.

2. Reduction of shadows.
As expected, the circular shape of ring lights stops shadows from being cast on a subject. Historically, beauticians have struggled with the challenge of navigating makeup application over dark areas. Basically, when applying makeup to a shadowed area, the artist is guessing how much lotion or product needs to be applied. As previously mentioned, the greater the visibility, the better the makeup outcome will be.

The best ring lights in Australia genuinely reduce shadows and dark spots on a subject. They produce light from every angle around the face, meaning shadows are effectively blocked. Less shadows = better application of products and smoothness of colouring.

A ring light’s ability to eliminate shadows is also highly desired by photographers, as well as makeup artists. All of the world’s most successful photographers understand that the fewer changes required in post-editing, the better the image is. Altering an image with editing software can often diminish the quality and definition in the photograph. Hence, instead of making edits after the shot has been taken, it is recommended that photographers make adjustments to their camera settings or scene before the image is taken. By doing this, the quality of the image is retained.

A frequent issue that photographers run into whilst shooting is ghastly shadows being cast onto their subject. This may be due to obstructions, such as trees or walls that produce a shadow. Alternatively, it could be the angle that the subject is facing. Either way, it can ultimately ruin an image.

Never fear: as we know, ring lights can stop this. They can lift the darkness of a shadow and allow for evenly distributed light. Ring lights can be utilised both indoors and outdoors, so photographers can set them up in any location that has an uneven light distribution. The same deal applies for videographers.

3. Smoothening of highlights.
On the contrary to shadows are highlights. This is when there is too much shine, glare or whiteness showing. For photographers, the shine may be blinding or block certain details from being shown in the photograph. For makeup artists and beauticians, strong highlights may misrepresent the actual colour of a person’s skin, making it difficult to apply the correct foundation tones.

How can we reduce lights and permit the best photography and makeup application? Um, duh. Ring lights, of course! The most popular ring lights are effective at smoothening the overall light on a subject and keeping the brightness distribution even.

Comparatively, some creative beauticians and artistic photographers/videographers may actually desire highlights on their subject. In this unique circumstance, ring lights can still be useful. The round light can be brought closer to the subject and set on a particular angle in order to achieve the desired effect.

4. Attractive eye shine.
The all-encompassing lighting effect of a ring light is known to present a flattering glimmer in a subject’s eye. This is particularly desired by photographers who need an attractive touch to the overall appearance of their subject.

Vloggers also enjoy this natural eye shimmer and the flattering look that is produced when using a circular light. To enhance the eye shine, ring light users can easily re-position the light so it is closer to the subject’s face. Alternatively, moving the ring light further away or dimming the brightness of the globes will reduce the eye shine.

5. Practicality.
The circular design of ring lights make them extremely practical for photographers and videographers. Cameras for filming or shooting can simply be placed in the centre of the ring and the light will be outside of the shooting frame.

In the past, photographers have trampled and stumbled over their light set up, trying to get as close as possible without knocking the light to the ground. Photography was effectively becoming a gymnastics lesson. However, ring lights are solution. Placing the camera in the heart of the emitted light means that the light itself is no longer a hindrance.

6. Price
Ring lights can be a far cheaper lighting option when compared to old-fashioned elaborate setups. Most makeup artists and photographers discover that instead of needing multiple lights arranged in every corner of the room, just one standalone ring light can suffice.

Most makeup artists, photographers and videographers are freelance workers, so saving money is crucial for a stable future in business. Ring lights are a small investment that provide high returns on quality.

7. Versatility.
Unlike some other forms of lighting, ring lights are admirably versatile and have multipurpose functionality. Currently, the Australian market is producing and selling everything from ring lights on selfie sticks to extra-large ring lights on stands. There are many ring light sizes available, too, so you will need to consider what size is going to be practical and operational in your specific work space.

Many ring lights can be packed down and easily manoeuvred for travel. This is an important factor for photographers, vloggers and makeup artists who may have to regularly relocate to shoot, film or attend to clients. If this is the case for you, we recommend investigating the weight and size of a ring light before you make a purchase. There are many lightweight and transportable ring lights available, so it is simply a matter of finding one that suits your needs.

8. Quality
Quality, quality, quality. The rapid rise of popularity in ring lights has meant that manufacturers are in an intense race to sell better quality ring lights than their competitors. The war between sellers is excellent for customers, because it means many distributors and manufacturers are genuinely striving to produce the most effective lights possible. Cheering!

When created by trustworthy manufacturers, ring lights can be relied upon to have a legitimate impact and truly assist the work of MUAs and vloggers alike.

Where can you purchase a ring light?
By now, you are surely wondering where you can get yourself one of these magical instruments. (Yep, they really are life-changing) With so many companies selling makeup lights, it is difficult to interpret what seller is the most reliable and will give you value for your money. You do not want to waste your hard-earned cash on something that might not even achieve what you need it to.

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