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Top 11 Ring Lights In 2021 for TikTok, YouTube & Instagram



  1. Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light

For those who are on a tight budget or simply prefer an entry-level ring light, our adorable 10” LED ring light is perfect. Paired with a 1.8m tripod and easy-to-use smartphone mount, this ring light is ideal for people who film videos on their phone and like to upload directly to social media. It is a great size to place in your bedroom or on your desk, and it can easily be transported if necessary.

This popular ring light comes with a range of awesome features that make it perfect for any wannabe TikTok star. They include: dimmable settings, lightweight build, extra long cord, heavy duty screws, flexible arm, long service life of more than 50000 hours, safety features, and portable design.

We highly recommend this best-selling ring light for anybody who is starting out as an influencer and wants to take a top-notch selfie. Not only will it hold your smartphone for you while you strike a pose, but it will ensure you look fantastic in every photograph or video.

  1. Pro Range 12” LED Ring Light

This mid-range 12” LED ring light is perfect for anybody who is starting to get serious about their social media and want a reliable ring light to enhance their online presence. One thing that influencers and vloggers particularly love about this light is its ability to hold your smartphone while you film or take a selfie. It’s super easy and quick to use, and provides total workability for YouTube and Instagram users.

The ring light is black in colour and comes with a huge range of excellent features, including dimming settings, USB powering, strong LED lighting, 27cm desktop stand, mount compatible with all smartphones and mobile phones. It’s even got a 1 year limited Australian warranty, which is a testament to the quality of the ring light.

You can’t go wrong with this ring light, which is why we strongly recommend it for all first-time ring light users. It’s very affordable and, if you order now, it can be dispatched en route to your home within 24 hours. You’ll have it in your bedroom in no time!

  1. Makeup Starter 12” LED Ring Light

This innovative ring light isn’t just appropriate for social media influencers and vloggers, it’s also used by some of Australia’s best makeup artists and beauticians. We believe it’s the most professional ring light Australia and guaranteed to enhance your selfies instantly.

At 12”, it is the perfect size for vlogging and taking selfies. When positioned at shoulder-height and approximately one metre from your face, it will illuminate your profile in a flattering manner and ensure all blemishes are smoothened out for your photo.

Not only does it have a 1.8m tripod and smartphone mount, but the ring light also comes with a stylish carry bag. The LED ring light also has warm and cool colour settings and dimming functions, so you can alter the settings to suit any environment you might find yourself in.

  1. Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light

The 5-star ring light reviews speak for themselves on our 14” ring light. This is an idea lighting tool if you want a ring light that is the perfect balance between our large options and smaller options. It comes with a smartphone mount, carry bag, mirror and extra-large tripod, making it perfect for indoor use and taking selfies with multiple friends.

  1. Influencer Range 18” LED Ring Light

Calling all influencers! This is the number one ring light for you. Most notably, this extra-large LED ring light has an in-built digital display to help you manage the settings and coordinate the cutest selfie ever. When you buy this world-class studio light, you will never need to upgrade, as it has all the features and qualities you will ever need.

Despite its incredible features and noteworthy benefits, this ring light is still easy to use and highly reliable. It comes with a remote control, carry bag, mirror and extra-large tripod to ensure it can be useful for every type of TikTok, YouTube or Instagram trendsetter.

  1. Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light

This large ring light is very popular among beauty bloggers and makeup artists who use TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Because of its enormous size, it is the best possible lighting tool when applying and assessing makeup. It comes fully equipped with a carry bag, mobile phone holder, cradle head & a light stand, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  1. Pro Range 18” LED Ring Light

If we had to recommend a LED ring light for professionals and social media celebrities, it would be this one. Our 18” LED ring light truly does have every feature you need. As well as having a 1.8m tripod and carry bag included, it also comes with a free 8” mirror. This means you can use the ring light to apply your makeup before you even start filming for TikTok or Instagram.

Just like many of our other beloved ring light products, it has in-built colour and brightness settings to help you craft the perfect photograph. When you use this Afterpay ring light, there’s no doubt that your selfies and videos will look brighter, bolder and better than ever before.

  1. Selfie Lamp Ring Light Pro

Love taking selfies for Instagram? Then this is the ring light for you! Our special selfie lamp ring light is unlike any of the ring lights mentioned before. It’s ideally designed to use for quick selfies and pics on the go. Its small size means it is very suitable for vlogging, FaceTiming, self-timer photos, and more.

Some of the much-loved features of this one-of-a-kind selfie lamp include quick USB charging, long USB charging cable, adjustable brightness, smartphone holder, and manoeuvrable lamp arms.

Because of its smaller size, it is one of the most affordable ring lights Australia right now. When the prices are this low, there’s no excuse not to buy. It also comes with three different kinds of light and nine different levels of brightness, meaning it can easily be altered for both indoor and outdoor use. There’s nothing this little selfie lamp can’t do!

  1. Pro 10” Desktop Ring Light

If you tend to take selfies and film vlogs while seated at a desk, there is no better ring light for you than our 10” desktop LED ring light. This light has been specifically designed to suit home offices and beauty studios that feature a table or desk.

This desktop-suitable product comes with a sturdy desktop stand, smartphone mount and remote control for easy and effective use. Unlike other ring lights Australia, once you position this ring light in the spot you like best, you will never have to move it again. Some people purchase this desktop ring light in addition to another portable ring light version, so they can have a permanent ring light based at home and one that’s ready to carry around on the go.

  1. Pro 12” Desktop Ring Light

The 12” desktop ring light is similar to our 10” version, but larger and more powerful. Because it is bigger in size, it is even more effective at reducing shadows, flattering your profile, and delivering a professional light in any setting.

It also comes with a sturdy desktop stand, smartphone mount and remote control for easy and effective use.All of our customers who have purchased the 12” desktop ring light have been happy with their purchase and report that they use their ring light every single day!

  1. Pro Multi Duo Light

Our eleventh best ring light isn’t quite the same as the other ring lights listed above. It’s an intriguing new studio lighting tool that is taking the world by storm and rapidly rising to be one of the most popular products in our store. The multi duo light features two large LED strips that emit light from either angle onto your cheeks. Many well-known influencers have already claimed that this multi duo light is changing the game in the social media.

Similar to circular ring lights, but boasting a range of additional benefits, the Multi Duo Light creates a wonderfully balanced and flattering light that eliminates all undesirable shadows from your profile. The parallel LED features produce strong beams of light that equally shine all aspects of a scene, allowing for the loveliest lighting possible. It is highly transportable and very simple to use.

Currently, the multi due light comes with a complementary carry bag, smartphone mount and large tripod to help you use the lighting tool to its fullest effect. You’ll have no problems taking the world’s best selfie with this light, and it is sure to provide you with a reliable lighting solution for years to come. If you want to stay ahead of the trends and get a revolutionary lighting tool in your very own home, you can order this light now and get rapid 24-hour dispatch. Yippee!


How can a ring light help you on TikTok, YouTube & Instagram?

As we’ve already mentioned, ring lights Australia are perfect for users of TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Many of the best vloggers and influencers from across the world have been known to use a ring light when vlogging and taking selfies. The best ring lights offer a range of benefits that makes them a quality investment for any budding social media icon. We’ve listed just a few of the amazing results you may notice once you start using your ring light. There are plenty of other great benefits of ring lights – but if we listed them all, we’d be here for weeks!

                Give more balanced lighting

Because of their unique shape and powerful lighting ability, ring lights can help to light up your video better than any other lighting tool on the market. Many of the best ring lights Australia also come with dimness settings and features, so you can alter how strong the ring light is behaving. This is perfect if you regularly take selfies or shoot videos in different locations, because you can change the dimness to suit the particular destination you are filming in.

                Better quality video and imagery

When ring lights light up your face and background, they improve the quality of the image being taken. This will help you to look extra professional in your TikTok, YouTube or Instagram profile, and it will ensure you have the best quality photos possible. All blemishes will be hidden, but all your best features will be shown in the greatest quality and detail. It’s a win-win situation!

                Get flattering lighting

All the best vloggers and influencers know that it can be really difficult to look good when shooting a video or taking a selfie. Bad lighting, bad angles and bad scenery can all contribute to a poor image. If you want to become famous or well-liked online, it’s incredibly important that you shoot your videos and selfies in a flattering setting. Ring lights are known to create a highly flattering light that smooths out your skin and hides any blemishes on your face. Plenty of Instagrammers agree that using a ring light is even more effective than using photoshop!


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