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The most professional ring lights for makeup artists

Professional Ring Lights

We already know that ring lights are a fundamental piece of equipment for beauticians and makeup artists. Whether you are just starting out, or already have a fully-fledged client base, a ring light will improve the professionalism of your business and allow you to provide excellent makeup services to your clients.

Every makeup artist in Australia either has a ring light in their studio, or is thinking about purchasing one. As active followers of the Australian beauty industry, we believe that making a ring light purchase is something that all cosmetic workers should be doing sooner rather than later.

However, it is important that you do not buy a tacky ring light that ends up embarrassing you. Can you imagine applying makeup to your client’s face and, all of a sudden, the light flickers off? Awkward.

Running a successful makeup business is challenging enough with a light!

For your sake, we have conglomerated a list of considerations for you to dwell on before you make a purchase you might regret. The bottom line is: as long as you engage with a dependable, well-known Australian beauty brand that is confident in their products, your ring light is sure to have an indisputably positive impact on your studio.

Choosing a ring light that will not end in embarrassment.
Before making a ring light purchase, it is important to research and reflect on what specific ring light aspects you deem to be important. The best ring lights will have certain features that enhance their effectiveness and practicality. Some of these features may include:

  • Dimming switch to alter the intensity of the light.
  • Tripod or stand to uphold the light.
  • Selfie stick attachment for smart phone usage.
  • LED lights.
  • An impressive lifespan for the bulbs.
  • Plug that can be used on standard local power points.
  • Light weight so that it can be transported easily.
  • Stylish design that looks professional in your studio.

Our popular online ring light store has successfully sold thousands of ring lights to customers across Australia. We are experts in creating quality, dependable ring lights that truly make a difference to the lighting in your makeup studio. As a result of our commitment to quality, we have become one of Australia’s most popular ring light providers. And we do not plan on stopping our innovative creations any time soon.

Our team have taken the time to understand exactly what makeup artists require from a ring light, and we have ensured that each and every design is appropriate for the needs of a beautician. Additionally, we guarantee fast shipping and delivery on all orders so that your business does not have to suffer in the dark any longer. Doing business with us means you are safeguarding your businesses and ensuring you get value for money.

The biggest mistakes when purchasing a ring light.
Unfortunately, many beauticians who are purchasing their first ring light tend to make crucial mistakes when choosing the perfect ring light for them. Spending money on a ring light that ultimately cannot be used for one reason or another is a huge blow for hard-working makeup artists. Hence, we recommend that you consider the below points before making your ring light purchase.

Make sure you refer back to these questions before you click the ‘buy’ button.

1. Is the ring light the correct size for you?
There are many ring lights available on the market, so it can get confusing when evaluating the perfect size for you. Generally, the larger the ring light is, the more expensive it will be. Bigger ring lights have bigger or more bulbs in them, so they may be slightly heavier to carry and manoeuvre.

If you typically have serious and ongoing issues with lighting your studio and subject, it could make sense for you to purchase a larger ring light. Alternatively, if the purpose of your ring light is merely to fine tune an already well-lit area, you may only need to buy a smaller version.

The best way to investigate the perfect ring light size for your needs is by measuring your available space and trying to picture how the light would position itself in the studio. A ring light that is too big may be a hassle to navigate around, yet a ring light that is too small may not have the desired effect.

2. Will the ring light be delivered on time?
If you need your ring light urgently, it is important to check the estimated delivery date before you finalise payment. Some international ring light sellers can take months to ship your light, meaning that it could be longer than six months until you receive it at your door. This is both frustrating and, in most cases, impractical.

When purchasing through our online cosmetic store, you are guaranteed to receive fast ring light delivery on all items. As soon as you place your order, our team are notified and will begin packaging and organising your purchase. We stay on top of our orders so that there is no delivery queue when it comes time for you to finalise at the checkout. As a result, we are one of the fastest processing online cosmetic brands in Australia.

3. Are you certain that your ring light will be safely packaged for delivery?
Just like any other equipment that includes bulbs, ring lights are somewhat fragile. Dodgy companies that show little interest in you as their customer will not take the necessary time and effort to carefully wrap and ship your ring light. Receiving a broken ring light in the mail could be a hassle to return, and dubious businesses might refuse to send you a replacement.

The ring lights in our online store are built with the strongest materials possible. However, it is still important for them to be packaged and delivered safely. Our team takes the upmost care to securely ship your ring light and enable it to reach your door in one piece. We take pride in our products and want you to be able to enjoy them to their fullest.

4. Is the ring light within your budget?
Understandably, you might not want to splurge on an expensive or large ring light before you are certain of their worth and can utilise one in your studio. However, it is important not to buy an ultra-cheap ring light from a dodgy company. When doing this, you are likely to be delivered a product that does not function well and gives you the wrong impression of how ring lights should work. Do not be fooled by irresistibly low prices.

We strongly recommend evaluating your budget closely and considering how much you could realistically spend. Sometimes, it is worthwhile investing in a slightly more expensive ring light to get something that is better quality and will not ultimately require upgrading if your makeup business expands. On the other hand, you may prefer to play it safe by spending less money to start with, and eventually upgrading when you are financially ready.

5. Does the ring light have a stand or handle to meet your intended purpose with it?
Depending on how you plan to use your ring light, you may need a handle or stand for it to be of value for you. Instagram influencers, for example, generally prefer a LED ring light with selfie stick attachment so they can easily make use of the light whilst they take selfies.

Professional photographers are likely to purchase a ring light that comes with a tripod stand. Then, they can set up their ring light in the studio and it can remain in position throughout the shoot. Vloggers may also require a ring light on a tripod so that they do not need to hold the light as they film.

It is our suggestion that you thoroughly evaluate how you plan to use your ring light and what attachments or features may be useful for you. Then, you can purchase accordingly.

6. Can you trust the company that is manufacturing and delivering the ring light?
Most importantly, when making a ring light purchase, you need to be certain that the brand is reputable and reliable. We recommend engaging with companies that specialise in ring lights and sell a range of them. If it is clear that the company is passionate and knowledgeable, then you are more likely to receive a product you are happy with.

You should also consider where the company will be delivering the ring light from, as this will heavily impact the delivery timeframe and indicate if there could be any hidden costs. Local is best.

7. Does the ring light have the additional features you desire?
Ring lights currently on the market are many and varied. Reading through product specifications can be time-consuming and confusing, but it is important to understand whether the ring light has the aspects that you would like. It will be very upsetting if your ring light comes in the mail and does not have the cool feature you expected it to.

Some features you might like to dwell on are: ability to dim the light, strength of bulbs, ability to plug into a power point, weight, manoeuvrability, expected globe lifespan. Each of the products in our Australian ring light store have an easy-to-understand list of the unique features of the product, so you can make a choice that meets your requirements.

Take the plunge.
These innovative lighting products have taken the beauty industry by storm, and their popularity is not slowing down. Sooner or later, you will have to take the plunge and make a ring light purchase. By following our aforementioned recommendations, you are certain to choose a ring light that can add genuine value to your makeup business.

Aside from your makeup business, your ring light is bound to become useful in other aspects of your lift too. First of all, your ring light is a vital tool to use when you are taking post-makeup images of your clients. By turning the light on and taking the photo through the circle gap in the centre of the ring light, you will obtain an image that has flattering and even light distributed throughout. Not only will it be brilliant promotional material for your business, but your client is more likely to be happy with the shot and allow you to post it on your businesses social media pages.

Secondly, the best ring lights are very popular amongst vloggers and owning one could allow you to make makeup vlogs down the line, if you choose to. Many makeup artists have kicked off their beauty business by posting instructional vlogs. The videos essentially act as marketing material and can help spread the news of your business. Even if you do not like the idea of vlogging currently, it could be something that you consider in the future. Having a ring light will ensure you feel more comfortable in front of a camera and appear glamorous in the video.

You may even like to use your ring light in other personal ways, such as to do your own makeup or take selfies of yourself for social media. Ring lights are regularly used by photographers, Instagram influencers and videographers. As soon as you realise how valuable and effective ring lights are, you will inevitably begin using it in all sorts of non-anticipated ways.

So, are you ready to make your purchase? Buying a ring light does not need to be challenging. Order your ring light through our online store today by following the below steps:

  • Browse our range and choose which ring light suits you.
  • Add your desired ring light to your cart.
  • Process payment securely at the checkout.
  • We do the rest!

If you require any assistance with your ring light purchase, feel free to chat to our insightful customer service team. Alternatively, you can browse our other blog posts to learn more about why ring lights are Australia’s hottest product right now.