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The Best Ring Lights For The New Year


Ring lights have been around for a few years now, but they are still surging in popularity and many people are only just discovering the revolutionary makeup lights. As the New Year rapidly approaches, you may be looking to purchase your first ring light or upgrade your existing ring light. Perhaps you’re even looking for somewhere to spend your Christmas gift money. Either way, there are plenty of options available in online right light stores, so you will have ample choice when picking the best ring light for you. Just some of the most popular and trending ring lights are listed below.

  • The desktop ring light.

We believe that desktop ring lights are the most popular ring lights on the marketing right now. Desktop ring lights typically come with a small tripod stand that can be neatly and permanently positioned on your desk or shelf.

Desktop ring lights can be appropriate for office workers, vloggers, hairdressers, makeup artists, and more. Their compact natures means they don’t take up a lot of space and don’t need to be constantly packed away. Because FaceTiming and Zoom meetings became much more common throughout the pandemic in 2020, desktop ring lights have surged in popularity. They allow people to look their best self, even over the camera.

If you are wanting a high quality desktop ring light that will be dependable and effective, we highly recommend the Pro Desktop 12” LED Ring Light.

  • Selfie ring lights.

Selfie ring lights always have been, and always will be, one of the most beloved types of ring light. Selfie ring lights are known for producing a highly flattering light, reducing unfavourable highlights or shadows, and conveniently holding a camera at a great angle for selfies.

How do they work? Selfie ring lights often have a selfie stick attachment and mobile phone attachment. This means you can extend the stick (which has the phone and the light attached to the end of the stick) and hold it in a position/angle for a perfect selfie.

Everyone can benefit from a selfie ring light. They are often one of the most affordable ring light options and are commonly purchased by amateur makeup artists, vloggers, influencers and photographers.

  • Makeup studio ring lights.

Professional studio lighting is essential for makeup artists and beauticians. To impress your clients and get the most ideal lighting in your studio, it’s critical that you purchase a large and powerful ring light. You might want to consider a ring light that is 11” or larger to get the greatest effect.

For indoor studio settings, a ring light on a tripod is the most suitable option. If you ever need to move the ring light to a different location, you will still be able to easily carry the light. The best ring lights and tripods can also be packed down and transported long distances, including to client houses if you are a mobile makeup artist.

We strongly recommend the Pro Desktop 12” LED Ring Light.

  • Video and photography ring lights.

Videographers and photographers need large ring lights to cast an effective and flattering light over their subjects. The type of ring light that best suits videographers and photographers will largely depend on the way the shoot their imagery. If they are often moving to different destinations and transporting the ring light, they may be better suited to a compact ring light with detachable tripod. If they always shoot in the same studio or area, they may prefer a large ring light on a stand.

Diverse colour settings and brightness settings will be helpful to create different moods and settings, so check out whether your selected ring light comes with these features.

  • Afterpay ring lights.

Okay, okay… Afterpay ring lights or ring light Afterpay aren’t technically a type of ring light, but the option is available for people who need a ring light immediately but don’t want to pay the full cost upfront. Afterpay is one of the most innovative and modern payment methods available for many purchases online and in-store. It allows you to pay off your purchase in instalments, rather than in a lump sum at the beginning. If you need a high-quality ring light quickly, Afterpay ring lights are the way to go.


21 questions to ask before you purchase a ring light.

Remember the game ’21 questions’ that you used to play as a kid or teen? Well, we’re going to play it again right now. Before you go ahead and purchase any ring light, it’s important that you ask yourself some critical things. A ring light is a great investment, but you might be disappointed if you end up purchasing a ring light that isn’t perfect for you.

  1. Does the ring light come with a fair warranty? You should only purchase a ring light if it has a minimum of one year’s warranty, as this indicates it is a quality ring light and the selling company is willing to take accountability for its performance.
  2. Is the ring light within your budget and priced reasonably? When it comes to ring lights, price is often an indication of quality. If you have enough saved money to spend, go ahead and purchase the ring light of your dreams.
  3. Will the ring light fit on your desk or in your studio? We recommend measuring up your desk or studio area to certify that the ring light (plus its accessories and attachments) will fit in your space. There would be nothing worse than getting your ring light in the mail and then realising that it won’t fit where you wanted.
  4. What is the delivery time on your ring light? When purchasing a ring light for a specific upcoming event or job, it’s important that you check the expected delivery timeframe to see whether it will be shipped to your home in time. If you need the ring light urgently, consider purchasing from a company with express delivery ring lights or 24-hour dispatch.
  5. Are there positive ring light reviews? Before buying a ring light, you should search for ring light reviews This will help you to understand the quality and reality of the product you’re buying.
  6. Can you purchase the ring light with flexible payment options? The best ring light companies are now offering online ring light purchases and Afterpay ring lights. This means you can pay for your product in a way that suits you best.
  7. Do you trust the company you are buying from? Always be aware of scam websites and never submit your financial details on an untrustworthy site. Do some research and ensure the company is legit.
  8. Have you investigated what ring lights your favourite beauty influencers use? If there is a particular beauty or fashion influencer that you adore, you might want to research what type of ring light they use when taking selfies or applying makeup. You might be interested in purchasing the exact same light.
  9. Support local businesses where possible. We believe that it’s always a good idea to support local Australian businesses, so if possible, make a ring light purchase through an Australian owned and operated company. This will usually be listed and mentioned on their website. Our website is one of the few Australian ring light stores!
  10. Will there be customer support to help with your order? It’s a good idea to check whether the company you’re purchasing from has a customer support line or relevant customer service email address in case you run into any issues with your order. The best ring light companies will have a dedicated support line or chat function where you can get instant communication regarding your order.
  11. Can the ring light plug into your power? Some ring lights are battery operated, while others plug into standard power outlets. Read the specifications of your chosen ring light to determine whether you will need to use individual batteries or if the ring light is going to use your household electricity. Neither option is necessarily better than the other, so it’s all about your personal preference.
  12. Does the ring light have different light settings? Once you’ve gotten used to the basic settings of your ring light, you might want to play around with warmer and softer lighting tones. This is only going to be possible on a ring light that allows colour/tone adjustment, so you might want to confirm that these options are possible before making your purchase.
  13. Can you dim your ring light? Although it might not be one of the first things you think of when browsing ring lights online, it’s extremely important that your ring light has the capacity for changing brightness. Every room and building is different, so you will need to dim your light to make it the appropriate brightness for your unique setting.
  14. Does the ring light come with all the necessary accessories? Depending on how you plan to use your ring light, you may need a variety of accessories. These may include mobile phone attachments, tripods, selfie sticks, power cords, remote controls, and more. Check that these accessories are included with your purchase, or add them to your shopping cart.
  15. Can you transport your ring light if you need to? Some ring lights are bulky and heavy, which may be okay if you plan on keeping them set up in the same room, but it will be very frustrating and annoying if you ever want to move them. A smaller, lighter and more transportable option may be better suited to you if you are a vlogger who films from different locations or if you are a mobile makeup artist.
  16. Will the ring light give you your money’s worth? To ensure your ring light investment is a good one, you need to buy a high-quality ring light that will last for many years and act as a dependable source of light. Purchasing a unpopular and cheap ring light will only leave you disappointed.
  17. Have you learnt about the best ways to use a ring light? This will help to maximise your usage when your ring light gets delivered. Our top tip is to position the ring light directly in front of your face at shoulder height – then the light will eliminate all unflattering shadows and highlights on your cheeks and forehead.
  18. Are you sure that you’re purchasing the correct ring light type for your needs? There are many different types of ring lights, including desktop ring lights, selfie ring lights and studio ring lights. You need to consider what style of light will be most appropriate for your intended purpose with it.
  19. Have you gotten recommendations from family and friends? To get well-rounded advice ahead of your ring light purchase, you should consult your family and friends to see what type of ring light they use and if they agree with your purchase choice.
  20. Are there any additional fees or charges that you haven’t yet considered? Unfortunately, some ring light Australian companies will charge additional fees at the checkout, such as shipping fees or credit card fees. Investigate this before you finalise your ring light decision so you can have all the facts at hand and not go over your budget.
  21. What are you waiting for? There’s no point delaying your purchase any further. If you’ve scanned over the above questions and you’re confident that you have found the best ring light for you, go ahead and make the purchase. Once your ring light Australia gets delivered, rest assured that you will reap the benefits instantly. All you need to do now is check out your cart!