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21 Biggest Beauty Trends For 2021

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Can you believe it’s already nearly the New Year? The previous twelve months have flown by, and with the impact of the coronavirus, they have definitely been eventful! The unprecedented affair of covid has impacted every industry. Including the cosmetic and beauty trade, meaning there so many new beauty trends of 2021 to be discussed as we move into the next twelve months.

Recently in the beauty world, we have already seen a range of new products and beauty trends take to the stage, meaning there are a number of great beauty concepts that are being carried over into 2021, as well as emerging movements that are sure to take control of the cosmetic industry.

When styles change so rapidly, it can be difficult to stay atop the trends… so our team of beauty lovers and cosmetic experts have noted the 21 biggest beauty trends for 2021, ensuring you can get ahead of the world and look your best for the New Year!

  1. Embrace a natural look.

For the past one to two years, the ‘natural’ look has become increasing popular among celebrities and beauticians. Many women are favouring a simplistic makeup design with earthy tones that highlight and flatter the natural features of their faces. It was first seen during Meagan Markle’s wedding where she wore a very simple makeup design, and it’s now being adopted by a range of A-Listers, including even the Kardashians.

The key to the natural look is to have high quality makeup foundation and concealer which will cover any blemishes and leave your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated. If you want to jazz up your look just a little, there’s no reason why you can’t add a bright lipstick, some classy contouring or bold eyelashes to amplify the look.

  1. Glossy lips are a sure way to make a statement.

To add some flavour to that natural makeup look, you can also try glossy lips with a beige or earthy undertone. If you want to capture your glossy lips in the best possible light, be sure to use a ring light. We recommend the Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light.

  1. Acknowledge the difference between home office beauty and work office beauty.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic meant that many corporate workers around the globe were required to work from home instead of at their office. While it may have felt like a fun challenge or mini-work-break at the beginning, most professionals soon realised that working from home has a range of difficulties.

For women (and men) who like to dress up and stay well kept for the 9-5 life in the office, working from home meant that their physical appearance and tidiness got less attention than usual. However, given the amount of Skype/FaceTime/Zoom meetings that were going on, it was still important that they looked good in front of clients and colleagues.

To help them look a touch better over video at their home office, many corporate professionals turned to professional ring lights Australia to offer a flattering light as they sat at their bedroom or living room desk. The best desktop ring lights can produce a clean and beautifying lighting effect that helps you to look your finest over the camera. The Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light is a great place to start.

  1. Keep those eyebrows neat and tidy.

Eyebrows can have an enormous impact on the overall appearance of the face, meaning it’s crucial that you keep them in a tidy line. Threading is still a popular way to ensure your eyebrows are in tip-top shape.

  1. Video is the way to go when sharing your beauty!

Both professional and amateur beauticians and makeup artists are now using video to share their looks/designs over social media and online. While a selfie/photo is also a great way to share your look before you hit the town, a video lets your followers get an ultra-vivid 3D perspective of your makeup design.

We recommend using a selfie ring light or desktop ring light Australia to help reduce shadows while shooting your beauty vlog or video.

  1. Short and clean nails are better than long, bright ones.

In line with our first beauty trend for 2021(a natural makeup look), short and clean nails are set to be very popular in 2021. Simple and natural nails are low maintenance, humble and contribute to the clean beauty movement.

  1. Beauty products should be dominating your Christmas wish list.

There are so many popular beauty products that are hot on the market right now. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist looking to expand or enhance your studio, or a hobby beautician who wants something new and exciting to work with, there is wide range of cosmetic tools available to suit your needs.

Some of the biggest and best beauty appliances right now include: desktop ring lights Australia, makeup travel cases, ring light lamps, cosmetic fridges, multi duo lights, beauty chairs, Afterpay ring lights, facial rollers, vanity mirrors, beauty cases, cleansing devices, and cosmetic storage options.

  1. The new range of modern ring lights.

As you may already know, ring lights are a beloved beauty tool because of their ability to reduce shadows, permit an ideal makeup application environment, produce a flattering light, and help with a spectrum of beauty-related activities. Ring lights are a cost-effective way to enhance your studio and let you complete the best makeup designs possible. Not only are they used by professional beauticians, but they are popular among photographers, vloggers, hairdressers, home décor specialists and more.

Ring lights have been increasing in popularity for a few years now, but manufacturers are getting savvy with their ring light production efforts. Nowadays, ring light lovers can choose from a variety of ring light types. Depending on your intended application with the circular device, there will be a ring light size that suits you.

  1. Texture is a big yes!

In terms of hair trends, texture is now a major hit in hairdressers across Australia. If you have curly or wavy hair, now is the time to embrace it. If you have naturally straight locks, you might want to consider hair products that will add volume and allow your hair to look thick and healthy.

P.S. If you are running a hair salon in 2021, we recommend using our new desktop ring light in your studio to impress your clients and ensure every customer falls in love with their new hair design.

  1. Shopping for beauty appliances and products is best done online.

In the modern world, there is no better place to browse and purchase your beauty products than online. As the coronavirus pandemic has clearly demonstrated, shopping online and receiving home delivery is not only the easiest way to buy the latest products, but it is also the safest. Most online businesses are now offering no contact delivery, so you can stay up-to-date with the best new tools while remaining safe and secure in your own home.

When you shop for cosmetic and beauty products online, you will be able to browse the most extensive range and buy ring lights at the best possible prices. For example, the cheapest ring lights and flexible Afterpay ring lights can only be found online. That means you can save money when you avoid bigger department stores and retailers.

Shopping online doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing from international manufacturers and sellers. You can still support local while buying your beauty products online. If you want to support Australian beauty companies while purchasing a studio light or ring light, you can make a direct purchase through our online Australian ring light store.

  1. Floral fragrances are back in the game.

You may notice that your favourite celebrities and brands are now releasing floral scented fragrances. That’s because these light smells have anti-stress benefits and provide a luxurious feminine scent.

  1. Organic and environmentally friendly products are the way to go.

Saving our planet is more important than ever, and many beauticians across the country are choosing to purchase ethical and organic brands that don’t pose as great a threat to our environment. Our online ring lights use minimal power, meaning they are some of the most environmentally friendly studio ring lights on the market.

  1. Skin care is a priority.

Rather than hiding or cosmetically altering their blemishes, most beauty influencers are now trying to soothe and calm their skin complexities with optimal skin care methods. This includes gentle daily cleaning and the use of quality skin lotions.

  1. Blonde is back in fashion (in fact, it never went out of fashion…)

In Australia, Summer is just around the corner. If you are planning on colouring your hair in the upcoming months, you should consider going blonde to set the tone for beach days and sandy escapes. Alternatively, you might want to add more subtle blonde highlights or turn your natural brunette locks a slightly lighter colour.

  1. Short, mid-length, or long hair – there’s no preference this year.

Around ten years ago, long hair was a favoured preference for many beauticians. More recently in the past few years, shorter bobs and shoulder-length cuts were starting to make a noticeable trend. In 2021, there is no definitive preference to hair length, as the top beauty influencers and celebrities across the world have a range of hair styles that prove any length is possible and lovable in this era!

  1. Fitness for your body… and face.

We all know that exercise is important for keeping our bodies healthy, but did you know that facial exercise is important to keep your face healthy too? There are some easy-to-use at-home devices that will help to strengthen your facial muscles and tighten your skin. These are best used alongside a desktop ring light that will help you to see your face and identify areas for treatment.

Alternatively, you can go to a specialised facial massage salon, where an experience masseuse can tend to your facial muscles and give them the rejuvenation they need. Both at-home and salon facial treatments will help you to look and feel younger and more energised.

  1. As always, place emphasis on the eyes.

The best makeup artists from around the world will agree that your eyes are the key to capturing someone’s heart. Therefore, it’s important that you apply your most attention-grabbing makeup colours in this area (a big, broad eyeshadow pallet will be a great resource as you get creative).

When taking selfies or vlogging, be sure to use a quality ring light to draw attention to your eyes. When positioned in the correct way, ring lights can create a halo effect in the eyes, which helps to flatter the entire face.

  1. Glassy skin is making a storm.

By moisturising your cheeks, forehead, and neck, you will be more likely to have a healthy and glassy skin appeal, which is becoming more popular by the day. Cosmetic eye masks will help to keen the skin around your eyes in best condition.

  1. Glitter it up – but only for special occasions.

As we mentioned above, natural makeup designs are the way to go for 2021. However, if you are attending a special occasion or heading out for a night on the town, don’t be afraid to sprinkle some glitter. Euphoria-inspired makeup is a trend that’s here to stay. The glitter will show best on camera if you use a professional ring light Australia!

  1. Celery juice, if you can bear it.

This may sound a little ridiculous, but some of the top celebrities across the globe are recommending celery juice as a way to boost your skin and keep you healthy. If you can’t stand the thought of liquid celery, just aim to consume as much fruit and veg in your normal diet as possible.

  1. Learning to love your inner and outer beauty.

You’re beautiful! We believe that the most critical trend relating to beauty is the concept of loving yourself. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and there isn’t time to be wasted on self-loathing. When you look at your reflection through your ring light or apply your daily makeup, be sure to compliment yourself and embrace the unique details that make you you!