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How Can A Ring Light Help You During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

how ring light australia help

The spread of COVID-19 in Australia and across the globe has caused much disruption and distress for the community. Our team would like to express our deepest sympathies to people who have been impacted by the pandemic, and it is our greatest hope that society can move forward to a new normal as soon as possible. We would also like to thank the essential services workers who have worked extra hard and long during this period to ensure the wellbeing of our country.

Our team knows that our work is incomparable in importance to that of healthcare workers and essential workers throughout our major cities and regional areas, but we hope that our quality products and lifestyle brand can provide a sense of relief and enjoyment to fellow Australians as we all work through this period together.

So… how on Earth do ring lights have anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic?

Well, as many people would be aware, the virus pandemic has made it necessary for many professional and office workers to work from home instead of at their business workplace. This has resulted in more Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls, and video chatting to help teams continue their communications while in different locations.

When filming on a desktop webcam or smartphone camera in your bedroom or home office, the lighting and environment often makes for unfavourable conditions. It can be really difficult to look good while stuck in your house, and a ‘bad look’ can be quite uncomfortable when you are sitting through an important meeting.

As beauticians, we know that flattering light is the key to enhancing confidence and feeling your absolute best. That’s why we highly recommend investing in a ring light for your home office!

A home office ring light can have a variety of benefits while you are working at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Just some of the reasons we think a ring light is important include:

  • Ring lights can provide a flattering light when you are in Zoom or FaceTime meetings
  • Ring lights will help to balance the light in your home office, so you have less eye strain from looking at a computer
  • There are specifically designed desktop ring lights that suit home offices, bedrooms and studios
  • Ring lights are useful when reading paper documents
  • Ring lights are useful tools when applying daily makeup
  • Most ring lights Australia are transportable, so you can move the light to your real workplace office when you finally return back post-covid
  • Some ring lights use less power than standard house lighting
  • It can be used for a range of other reasons outside of work hours, including when applying makeup, while taking selfies, or as a general house light

There are hundreds of women and men across the country who have invested in a quality professional ring light to boost their home office. You might have even noticed some of your colleagues with an extra glow during your video meetings – we wouldn’t be surprised if this was thanks to a ring light!

Ring lights are now easier to purchase than ever before. We have a wide range of ring lights online, so everything you could possible need is one click away on our website. We even offer Afterpay ring lights, and our positive ring light reviews speak volumes about the quality of our products. The only question is: what ring light is going to be best for you?


What is the best ring light to use at a desk?

Our online store is proud to offer some of the most popular and effective desktop ring light products. For a ring light to be used at a desk or in a home office, it needs to have a small-sized semi-permanent stand that can be placed on a flat surface. Currently, we have three different ring lights that are highly suited to home office/desk usage. These best-selling ring lights are listed below:

Although all three of the ring lights are great options for people working from a home office, our most recommended ring light would be the Pro 12” Desktop Ring Light. This lighting tool is excellent value for money and comes with a range of different features and accessories. Most importantly, it comes with a desktop stand, smartphone mount, and ability to switch between cool and warm light. This means you can easily secure your smartphone while you are conducting video calls, and then you can alter the lighting settings to suit your environment. Our team has noticed that cool lighting is best when being used at night time, but warm lighting can present a vibrant mood if shooting during the day.

Additionally, one of the reasons that the Pro 12” Desktop Ring Light is one of our best selling ring lights is because of the modern and stylish desktop stand that will blend in well with any contemporary home office setting. You can purchase this ring light, or any of the other Australia ring lights on our online store, and receive 24 hour dispatch, express delivery (optional) and a one year limited warranty Australia wide.

If you require a more versatile ring light that can be moved to different positions or transported from place to place, you might be interested in a ring light with detachable tripod accessory, or a ring light with selfie stick attachment. Our team recommends that Makeup Starter 12” LED Ring Light as a nice medium-sized ring light suitable for all purposes, or the Influencer Range 18” LED Ring Light if you have the budget to purchase our most effective lighting tool.

For people who already have a ring light and want to try something new, we have also introduced a new and innovative product into our studio lighting store. Although similar to a ring light in many ways, the Pro Multi Duo Lightprovides more benefits and better powerful than ever seen in a ring light before.

There’s no denying it – the Pro Range Multi Duo Light is leading the way with its revolutionary design and unparalleled lighting effectiveness. Similar to circular ring lights, but boasting a range of additional benefits, the Multi Duo Light creates a remarkably balanced and flattering light that eliminates all undesirable shadows. The parallel LED features produce strong beams of light that equally shine all aspects of a scene, allowing for the most perfect lighting possible. With a chic carry bag accessory specifically designed to carry this new light, you can easily pack away and take your light with you, wherever you go. The extra-large tripod, included with every purchase, can also be packed down to a smaller and more transportable size.


To see our complete range of LED ring lights and beauty products, just visit our online store today.


What are the other popular uses for ring lights?

Of course, home offices aren’t the only appropriate place to use a ring light. In fact, ring lights have a variety of different benefits and uses. Most notably, ring lights can be used to: produce flattering light, reduce highlights and shadows in a scene, perfectly illuminate a subject, create a ‘halo’ ring effect in a person’s eye, light a room quickly, make a studio look more professional, or be used as a tripod for positioning a camera or phone.

Some of the common types of people and places that use ring lights are:

  • Beauticians and makeup artists – makeup artists love ring lights because they allow for a balanced light on the face. To apply the best popular makeup designs, it is important that makeup artists don’t have any obtrusive lights casting heavy brightness or dark shade.
  • Photographers – the transportability and effectiveness of ring lights makes them a popular tool amongst professional photographers. Ring lights can be used by photographers that shoot indoors and outdoors.
  • Vloggers – when filming, it is important that vloggers and videographers have strong and well-rounded lighting to get the highest quality videos. Most well-known vloggers in Australia and overseas use a ring light, with their video camera secured in the centre, when filming.
  • General home useLED ring lights are a cheap and simple lighting solution for any indoor space. They might be used as an alternative to ceiling lights or lamps. They are also an excellent temporary lighting option if you are moving into a new house or conducting renovations.
  • Social media influencers – everyone knows that ring lights deliver the most flattering light possible, so it is no wonder why social media influencers use ring lights when creating online content and selfies. If you need to look your best at all times, a ring light is an important piece of equipment for you.
  • Laboratories – Because of their power and manoeuvrability, ring lights are becoming very popular in laboratories where scientists need to examine small objects or matter. The circular hole in the centre of a ring light is perfect for positioning a magnifying glass or magnifying equipment.
  • Hairdressers – similar to makeup artists, hairdressers need quality lighting to produce their best work. A powerful ring light helps them to see their client clearly and create a stunning hair design that suits their needs. It also helps them when taking ‘before and after’ images that can then be used in their marketing material or social media.


What are we doing to ensure safety throughout this time?

Our team understands the importance of limiting human-to-human contact while the coronavirus is still present in our society. Thankfully, as an online company, we can operate to our fullest while maintaining a no contact policy.

First of all, we are providing delivery services to all of Australia. To purchase one of our ring light products or beauty items, you don’t need to visit a physical store or shopping village and risk coming into contact with other people. Our online ring light shop has everything you need in terms of studio lighting and beauty accessories. When your order is delivered to your home, the delivery drivers will be following the safest protocol to limit the risk of spreading viruses.

Our delivery rates are some of the lowest in Australia, so you can secure a quality ring light and have it delivered quickly and cheaply. If you need your ring light quickly, you can opt for express delivery at the checkout. While you are waiting for your order to arrive, we also have a free order tracking function on our website – this will allow you to see where your product is and the expected time of delivery.

Secondly, we have introduced a one-on-one chat function to our online ring light store. This service operates around the clock, so you can seek assistance with your order whenever you need it. If you have any questions about our ring light products, just ask our friendly chat support and we will do our best to answer your queries. It’s our aim to make the online purchasing process as simple as possible for you.

If you would rather seek customer service over the phone, you can also contact our support office on 1300 132 158. Alternatively, you can email our team at info@ringlight.com.au and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

We understand that the spread of COVID-19 has introduced much uncertainty and concern in the community, so if you have any further questions about our internal processes and safety procedures, feel free to touch base with our team!

We’re confident that we have the ideal ring light Australia for you, so browse our website today to learn more about our extensive range and secure a top-quality LED light at a great price. What are you waiting for!?