Ring lights are a tool that emits light from a circular ring. The unique design of ring lights means that a camera or phone can be placed in the centre of the ring. For makeup artists and beauticians, ring lights can assist with better visibility of facial features. Most professionals use a ring light because of their ability to reduce unwanted shadows and offer a flattering look.

The best ring light for you will depend on your intended purpose, budget and requirements. There are many ring lights available in the Australian market. Some may prefer to have a ring light on a selfie stick, while others may need a selfie stick on a tripod. Those who are using a DSLR camera may need a larger sized ring light to fit their lens in the middle of the ring. No matter what type of ring light you purchase, ensure that you only buy with trustworthy Australian companies that specialise in the creation of beauty and photography lights.

Ring lights do not necessarily have to be expensive. When purchasing a ring light online through a reputable and genuine store, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50-$500 AUD depending on size and additional features.

The best light for makeup is neither dim nor overpowering. It should adequately light the entirety of a subject’s face and create visibility without blinding shine. Ring lights are ideal for makeup application because they smoothen highlights and eliminate shadows. The circular light design ensures that every feature is visible and there are no dark shadows cast on any particular part of the face.

Ring lights are most commonly used by beauticians, makeup artists, vloggers and photographers. Essentially, a ring light can light up a subject while simultaneously reducing shadows. For photographers and videographers who are filming or shooting a person, ring lights can often create an attractive shine on eyes. Those using a camera typically place the lens in the middle of the ring light.

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