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What Will a Ring Light Do for Me?

Perfect Ring Lights

Perfect lighting, perfect colouring, perfect scene. In a nutshell, ring lights will help you to create a perfectly lighted subject and scene, meaning top-notch photography and attention-to-detail in makeup artistry.

It is no wonder why ring lights are one of the most popular appliances in the photography and beauty industries. For businesses, professionals, individuals, and amateurs alike, ring lights can have a realm of benefits. Your possibilities with a ring light are endless. To give you some insight into how great these innovative tools are, here are five of the main impacts that ring lights can have for you:

  1. Perfectly balanced light.

Shadows and bright highlights will no longer be of concern to you once you buy a ring light online. The circular shape of ring lights naturally eliminates shadows and ensures your subject is perfectly lit in the frame. Ring lights are the solution to getting the perfect selfie or achieving stable light for makeup artistry.

  1. Special halo eye lighting.

Have you ever been scrolling though Instagram and seen a circle halo in someone’s eyes, and wondered how they achieved that? Ring lights are the answer! The brightness of a ring light can produce a flattering sparkle in your eye, which will be sure to turn heads when you post the pic to socials.

  1. Suitable place to position your camera.

Prior to the creation of ring lights, photographers and videographers had to place their camera beside or in front of studio lights. This meant that an unwanted shadow was often cast on the subject of the image, and the lighting was imperfectly balanced. Thanks to ring lights, these professionals can now position their cameras in the centre of the light, meaning the camera has no impact on the lighting of the subject. The ring lights in our online store come with accessories to help you position/hold your smartphone or camera in the middle of the light. Our popular Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light comes with a tripod stand and smartphone mount.

  1. Ability to create unique effects.

Unlike other studio lights, many ring lights come equipped with a variety of lighting settings and effects. This allows you to experience with different dimness settings and tones until you find a lighting style that suits your scene. Most of our ring lights online come with three modes of warm and cool colours, and the brightness can also be adjusted with ease.

  1. Soft, flattering light.

Horrid photos are often caused by horrid lighting. When the sun is too bright, or your room is too dark, your images and mirror reflection may appear grainy or overexposed. Using a ring light will help you get soft light that is flattering for all types of people. A high-quality ring light is a certain way to guarantee you will look admirable in every selfie you take.


Does size make a difference to what a ring light can do?

Technically, all ring lights, regardless of size, will have great benefits to you. Whether you are applying makeup, styling hair, taking photographs, or filming videos, an inappropriately sized ring light is better than no ring light at all. However, as a smart purchaser, it is valuable for you to consider what you will be using your ring light for to understand what size ring light might make the most sense for your application.

Below, we have listed a number of different professions and types of individuals, plus what type of ring light will suit their needs best. You can try and find yourself on this list and see what ring light we recommend for you.

Amateur makeup artist: If you are a beginner in the makeup industry, we recommend that you purchase a medium-sized ring light. A great option could be our Beauty Beginner 12” LED Ring Light. When the time is right and you begin to take on clients, you can consider upgrading to a slightly larger ring light, such as our Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light. This will be more likely to impress your clients and add value to your working studio.

Professional makeup artist: As a working makeup artist who deals with clients, it is important that you have excellent lighting tools to help you perfect your work. We recommend investing in our Beauty Queen 19” LED Ring Light. Because of its size, this ring light is guaranteed to balance the lighting throughout your studio and allow you to create ideal makeup designs. It is powerful and bright enough to work in all conditions, so you can say yes to outdoor environments if that type of job opportunity ever arises.

Amateur photographer: If you are unsure about whether photography is a short-term fad or life-long dream, it may be best to first buy a low-cost ring light before investing heavily in a top-notch option. We recommend a Pro Range 12” LED Ring Light for all budding photographers.

Professional photographer: As a professional photographer, you will need a ring light and sturdy tripod that can hold your professional-sized camera. Our Beauty Queen 19” LED Ring Light is a safe and reliable option, but a 17” or 18” option may also suffice depending on the exact size of your DSLR. These larger ring lights will allow you to work both indoors and outdoors, therefore suiting all types of shoot environments. Alternatively, for micro photography, you could also have a small ring light accessible to use.

Painters and artists: To fully engage in visual arts, you will need soft and balanced art studio lighting. Ring lights are used by many painters and drawers to give them a fair view of colours and tones. We suggest the Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light as a ring light for visual artists, as the large circular light will act as a strong and abundant light source.

Videographer: Shooting excellent video footage requires you to always be on the go with your video camera, so a lightweight ring light is essential to avoid getting weighed down. Our Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light is a perfect lighting solution for videographers, as it comes fully equipped with a cradle head and carry bag. Plus, you can generate unique effects with the wide dimming range and warm/cool brightness settings.

Digital vlogger: Vloggers have a unique set of requirements for their ring lights, which is why we created a special ring light just for them. Our Pro Range 12” LED Ring Light is perfect for professionals who operate behind a desk or table. Instead of having a tripod, this product is equipped with a sturdy desktop stand, so you can film away in front of the light without any risk of the light/camera swaying or falling mid-video.

Real estate agent: Interestingly, several top real estate agents are opting to use ring lights in their real estate photography and open house inspections. The ring lights help to flatter a room and make it seem as spacious as possible. To get the greatest impact, we recommend that real estate agents invest in a Beauty Queen 19” LED Ring Light.

Content creator or social media influencer: A quality ring light is the key to a quality selfie. For influencers and selfie-lovers, we strongly recommend our Beauty Mini 8” LED Ring Light. This product comes with a portable selfie stick attachment, meaning you can easily take photos from your smartphone wherever you may be.

Scientist: To supplement standard laboratory lighting, many scientists are buying ring lights to gain better visibility when studying and analysing small-scale materials and subjects. A Beauty Mini 8” LED Ring Light will work for most scientists studying microscopic items, however a larger ring light may be necessary if a sizeable microscope needs to fit through the central hole. In this case, a Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light might be best.

Office professional: Since COVID-19 starting circulating, many office professionals have been using ring lights when they conduct Zoom or Facetime meetings. We recommend a Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light for this purpose, as it is a cost-effective and easy-to-use option.

General use: If you don’t fit into any of the above categories, but still want a ring light for personal use, we recommend an affordable selfie ring light that is easy to use and transport. Our Beauty Mini 8” LED Ring Light and Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light are two of the most popular products for general and amateur use.

Where can you buy the best ring lights?

Online is where you will find the greatest range of ring lights. You will also be able to search through ring lights reviews and see what sizes/brands/types are most popular in the community. Some of the keywords you can search include: professional ring light Australia, ring light Afterpay, and buy ring lights Australia.

On the other hand, you could head straight to our website and browse our renowned online ring light store. We are proud to sell some of the best ring lights, complete with fast dispatch and delivery service. So far, we are proud to have thousands of happy customers – and we keep counting more. With a growing product range and consistently low prices, you are sure to find what you’re looking for on our site.

Why buy ring lights from us?

There are so many reasons you should buy a ring light from our store. Not only are we currently a favoured cosmetic store for several professional makeup artists and beauticians across the country, but we are committed to expanding and enhancing our company to provide the best cosmetic products possible. Here are just a few reasons to buy ring lights from our online shop.

  • We are one of the most trusted stores for ring lights in Australia. If you want to buy ring lights from a reliable supplier, we are a company you can trust.
  • We have a variety of payment options to suit your budget and financial circumstances. We even offer Afterpay ring lights so you can buy now and pay later with no interest charged.
  • We allow you to choose between standard and express post for your purchases, so you can get your ring light delivered at a time that suits you.
  • We are ready and available to chat when you need us. Our custom support lines are open for any sales or support related enquiries. You can also talk to our team via the online chat on our website.
  • We have several ring lights for you to choose from, including ring lights of different sizes and strengths. Our team recently wrote a blog about choosing the best ring light for you, which may help if you are struggling to decide between your options.
  • We are a local Australia ring light store. By purchasing from us, you are supporting a local business. It also means you will experience faster delivery and better customer service.
  • We sell a wide variety of other cosmetic and makeup appliances, so you can build your studio from the ground up from our online shop. Some of our most popular items include makeup cases and studio lights.
  • We just love a good sale! Our store is regularly announcing new sales and discounts so you can snag a great bargain on our products. Check our website to hear about the latest deals and specials.
  • We know our products are world-class. That’s why we offer a one-year warranty on all ring lights, so you can have complete peace of mind as you make your purchase.

If you need any assistance with your ring light purchase, feel free to contact our team or browse our blog for more ring light information. Otherwise, happy shopping!

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10 Myths About Ring Lights

ring lights myths

Oh, ring lights! Just like any other popular product, they love to start a conversation. Although ring light reviews are almost always positive and complimentary, we have noticed a few unusual myths floating around about these renowned lighting appliances. As ring light devotees and self-confessed beauty queens, we thought it was about time that these crazy myths were addressed. Keep reading to see how we separate the fact from the fiction.


  1. Ring lights are only useful for photographers. (MYTH)

Photographers are one of the most common users of circle lights, however there are a range of other amateur individuals and professionals who can reap the benefits of these innovative appliances. Ring lights are also popular in the following professions and industries: beauticians, hairdressers, makeup artists, videographers, real estate agents, influencers, social media users, and more.

  1. Ring lights are bad for your eyes. (MYTH)

We’re not entirely sure where this silly myth came from, but it definitely is not true. There is no evidence that suggests ring lights are bad for eyes or eyesight. As regular users of the popular beauty tools, we can confirm that ring lights are safe for your eyes. They are no different to any of the other lights in your household.

When using a ring light for photography or videography, you should aim to direct your gaze into the centre of the ring light (where the gap in lighting is). If the light is causing any strain, look away for a few minutes before you look back again.

  1. Ring lights are expensive. (MYTH)

No, no, no! Cheap ring lights can easily be found online. In fact, ring lights are one of the cheapest studio lighting options, and they offer excellent value for money. Many online ring light stores have regular sales and deals, so keep checking back on your favourite websites if you want to secure a lower price.

The best ring light brands in Australia also offer Afterpay on ring lights, so you can buy ring lights and receive your ring light now, but pay for it later. Ring light Afterpay is a modern, safe, and simple way to purchase one of these favourable beauty lights.

  1. Ring lights use too much battery and power. (MYTH)

High-quality ring lights from Australian ring light stores do not consume too much power. The best ring lights online will come with a normal power plug or battery pack and use approximately the same amount of electricity that other lights in your home use.

Additionally, it is unlikely that you will have your ring light turned on at all times of the day. You only really need to have the appliance switched on when you are actively using it. Therefore, it will probably use less power than other machines, lights and tools in your household.

  1. You can make a DIY ring light at home. (MYTH)

If you make your own ring light at home with LED strip lighting or a partially blacked-out globe, you will quickly discover that it does not provide the same benefits as a genuine ring light designed and manufactured by an expert ring light company. The most effective and popular ring lights in Australia are purpose-built, so their unique design is not something that can be easily replicated at home.

Despite all this, there is no problem with making your own ring light at home, however it won’t be as effective as a professional ring light Australia purchased from a genuine ring light company. Making your own ring light might be a good way to test what size of ring light you may want before you make a purchase. It could also be a temporary solution while you wait for your professional ring light to be delivered to your door.

  1. Ring lights are bad quality. (MYTH)

This simply isn’t true. Most online ring lights are excellent quality and have been proven to last for years. In Australia, there are a couple of online ring light stores that guarantee top-quality ring lights and beauty accessories. Bear in mind that many of the top influencers, bloggers and YouTubers from around the globe use ring lights. If ring lights are good enough for A-list celebrities, then we’re sure they must be good enough for us civilians too!

Admittedly, every industry has some scammers and unreliable businesses trying to make a buck. If you purchase a ring light from a dodgy company, you may receive something in the mail that is poor quality and doesn’t last you very long.

To be sure that you are purchasing your ring light from a reputable business, search for ring light reviews online and see what other customers have to say. Sometimes, if the ring light price is too cheap, that may be an indication that it won’t be a quality product. Only ever enter/upload your credit card details online if you are certain that it is a secure payment portal and that the business is a genuine company.

  1. Small ring lights are useless. (MYTH)

It is true that bigger ring lights usually have more power and can generate a more complimentary and flattering light. However, small ring lights are still effective and can certainly achieve the look you desire. Small ring lights also have a number of benefits that large ring lights don’t have, including: transportability, minimal electricity usage, lightweight structure, ease of use, and ability to use with a mobile phone or small tablet.

Our team recommends that you initially purchase a small ring light, as this will give you an opportunity to get used to the tool and determine whether you need a bigger and more expensive version. You can then upgrade later when you are sure of what size you want/need.

  1. Ring lights have no resale value. (MYTH)

Because ring lights are an extremely popular tool, they are currently being sought after by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. A quick search on any second-hand selling website or platform will show you that ring lights have an enormous resale value – some people are even selling their ring light at the same price they originally purchased it for!

The reason that there aren’t always many second-hand ring lights available is because purchasers rarely want to sell something they love. Even when people upgrade to a better or bigger ring light, they prefer to keep their previous ring lights as a backup or alternate option.

  1. There is only one style of image you can take with a ring light. (MYTH)

Ring lights are most commonly used by placing the LED circle directly in front of the subject’s face (approximately 2-3 metres away) and having the subject direct their vision into the central gap of the circle. Although this is the most flattering way to use a ring light, there is no limit to what you can achieve when using a ring light.

Some creative artists and daring photographers prefer to place their ring lights on certain angles that cast bold and interesting shades on their scene. Other users like to make use of dimming functionalities and coloured lighting settings to enhance or alter an image. The best ring lights in Australia have all of these functions (dimming and colour-changing settings) in-built to the light.

  1. Ring lights highlight blemishes in a bad way. (MYTH)

When used correctly, good ring lights produce a flattering type of light that hides blemishes and blotchy skin. If you are self-conscious about your skin, you are a great candidate for a ring light.

Beauticians may use ring lights in a certain way (by placing them very close to the clients’ face) to help them identify and cover any pimples, blotches or rashes. Though, when placed in the correct position for photography and videoing (around 2-3 metres from the face), a ring light will not highlight these unfavourable features. Instead, it will allow your skin to look smooth and clear.


Why do people use ring lights and circle lights?

Now that we’ve dismissed all the myths circulating about ring lights, we can start to delve into the positive benefits of using them. Truthfully, there are many good outcomes that come from using a ring light, and it is no wonder why they are so popular. Some of the most predominant reasons why people use ring lights include:

  • They are easy to use: Most people will be able to use a ring light without needing any instructions or assistance. The best ring lights can simply be plugged in and turned on, and then they are working their magic!
  • Ring lights produce a flattering light: If you are taking selfies or vlogging, a ring light will offer a complimentary light to your face. Ring lights can often make you look thinner, fresher, and brighter to the camera.
  • They are a cheap lighting tool: When compared to other types of studio lighting, ring lights are an incredibly inexpensive option. With many brands now offering Afterpay ring lights, you can also pay less upfront.
  • Ring lights produce a stunning eye halo: These LED tools are known to create a special halo effect in the eyes of the subject. The unique illumination affect is a sure way to attract attention and make your subject look like a top-notch model.
  • They are perfect for positioning a camera or recorder: When lights are solid in shape, photographers and videographers struggle to find an appropriate place to position their cameras. With ring lights, the hole in the middle of the circle in a perfect place to buttress a camera and ensure the light is being captured evenly.
  • Ring lights balance light and shade: The circular nature of ring lights allows them to smooth, spread and balance the highlights and shadows of a scene. When taking photos, this means they will come out at a higher quality and present all features within the image in equal brightness.
  • They are handy when applying makeup or styling hair: Beauticians love ring lights because the powerful and balanced light helps them see all the features of their clients face better. With a ring light, they can be sure to identify all blemishes and cover them up appropriately.


Where can you get the best ring lights Australia?

There are a range of ring lights currently available in the market. They come in different sizes and types, suiting different purposes and needs. The best ring light for you will depend on your unique circumstances and what you intend to achieve from the device. Our famous online ring light store has all the ring light varieties and accessories that you could possibly need. Plus, every order has a 24-hour dispatch time and product satisfaction guarantee.

If you are an amateur beautician, influencer or photographer, we recommend starting with a small beginner ring light, such as the Beauty Mini 8” LED Ring Light, or the Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light. These small circle lights are very lightweight and transportable, and they are some of the cheapest ring lights online.

As a professional makeup artist or personality, you may want to purchase a more substantial ring light to acquire the desired affects. We recommend the Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light or the Beauty Queen 19” LED Ring Light.

Alternatively, you can strike gold in the middle and purchase a mid-range ring light that is the best of both worlds. Our Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light is one of the most popular ring lights in Australia, offering a spectrum of features and functions: tripod, carry bag, long power cord, mobile phone attachment, wide dimming range, and multiple colour options.

For more information on ring lights, you can browse our online blog or chat online to one of our beauty professionals. Otherwise, you can go right ahead and make a ring light purchase through our beloved ring light store.

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Choosing The Best Ring Light For You

Best LED Ring Light

A quick online search will tell you that there are millions of ring lights available on the market to choose from. If you have never purchased an LED light before, you might be confused about what ring light you should buy. Not only are there different companies selling ring lights, but there are different sized ring lights, different coloured ring lights, and ring lights made with different materials. It’s enough to give you a headache…

Stress no more! As a trusted provider of ring lights in Australia, we have all the answers about which ring light will suit your needs best, and where you can purchase a quality ring light. Keep reading to learn about the best ring light for your needs.


Are ring lights worth it?

One of the most common questions asked in relation to ring lights is whether they are worth the investment or not. There are a number of people that use ring lights, so if you fall into any of these categories, it is highly likely that a ring light will be of great use to you:

  • Photographers: Professional photographers will often use a ring light in portrait photography. The effective lighting tool will help them balance shadows in their image and cover any blemishes that may be present on the subject. It ultimately assists them to create flattering photographs. Some photographers may even get creative when using a ring light, and may position it on unusual angles to create unique shadows or highlights.
  • YouTubers: The best vloggers will have consistent lighting throughout their videos, and it will make them look good throughout the length of the film. A ring light can also help a vlogger to understand where they should be looking while filming their vlog. It is always best to focus your eyes directly into the centre of the circular LED light.
  • Instagram influencers: Most digital influencers and brand ambassadors rely on a consistent and stunning appearance to make their money online. A ring light helps them to look the same in every image taken, and it ensures that any blemishes on their skin are hidden. Additionally, it helps them to take snaps in any lighting or environment.
  • Celebrities: Just like influencers, celebrities always need to look good. An effective ring light can help celebrities to apply their makeup and take good quality selfies for social media.
  • Videographers: To enhance the quality of their films, videographers regularly use ring lights. The best LED ring lights can help the actors within the movies look good, and it also makes sure there are no over-blown highlights in any of the scenes.
  • Beauticians: The best beauticians will have comprehensive lighting tools to get the possible view of their clients. Ring lights provide excellent and strong lighting, so no blemishes or area of concern will be missed when there is a ring light in use.
  • Makeup artists: Similar to beauticians, professional makeup artists require excellent lighting to properly see and address their clients’ faces. An added benefit is that the ring light can be used to take before/after images to help with digital marketing of the makeup business.
  • Hair stylists: This may seem like an odd profession to require a ring light, but hair stylists can certainly benefit from having a circular light on hand. A ring light will help illuminate the client’s face and hair, so they can see the work that has been completed and know where more attention is required.
  • Beauty hobbyists: You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist or beautician to use a ring light. They are super simple to use and very affordable, so anyone can use them. In fact, you could argue that amateur makeup artists can benefit from a ring light more than anyone else because it will allow them to properly see what they are doing and enhance their skills.
  • Event organisers: Most events will either have a roaming photographer or photobooth for guests to enjoy. To ensure there will be memorable and flattering images taken during an event, the event organiser should have a ring light handy. It can easily be installed to the camera being used in the photobooth and it will help guests take stunning images that they are proud of.

Even if you don’t fall into any of the above categories, a ring light may still be useful for you. They are a fantastic and affordable lighting tool to have around the house in case they are ever required. While they aren’t being used for one of their main purposes, they can just be an additional light in your home.

Our answer to the original question of whether a ring light is a worthwhile purchase is yes. As we have mentioned before, there are many reasons why ring lights are so popular in Australia. In a previous blog, we even outlined nine reasons you could benefit from a ring light. We are confident that everyone can benefit from an online ring light, so go ahead and keep reading!


Does ring light size matter?

As you start to browse the big wide world of ring lights, one of the first things you will realise is the vast range of ring lights sizes. Ring lights can range anywhere between 8” and 19”. We consider a small or mini ring light to be around 8”, a medium-sized ring light to be around 12” or 14”, and a large ring light to be 18” or 19”. But, what is the best version for you?

Most professionals who rely on good lighting to make an income will purchase a large ring light, whereas amateurs and hobbyists will start with a mini version. Generally, a larger ring light is going to be more expensive and more effective than its smaller counterparts. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a large ring light is ideal for you. Depending on your needs, a smaller ring light may suit you better.

Reasons for getting a mini or small ring light include: you will be able to purchase at a cheap ring light price, you will find that it is easy to transport, you can carry it easily because it will be lightweight, you will notice it is easy to use, you will save battery/power, you can fit in a handbag or carry bag, it won’t overwhelm your clients, it is a discrete lighting option.

Reasons for getting a medium ring light include: you can get the best of both worlds, you have the option of upgrading or downgrading in the future, you will have an effective lighting tool, it won’t use as much power/battery as a large ring light, it will still be quite transportable and simple to use, it will fit in your studio or bedroom with ease.

Reasons for getting a large ring light include: it is the most powerful type of ring light, it will enhance the aesthetic of your studio, it will be the most flattering type of ring light, you will appear as a professional to your clients, it will probably be strong enough to hold a camera in the middle of the light, it will be a comprehensive solution for lighting in any environment, you will never need to upgrade it.

Before making a purchase, get a tape measure and imagine having the ring light in your studio or bedroom. If the size you want isn’t going to fit, consider whether the tool can pack down or fit in a wardrobe when not in use. If the financial investment is an issue stopping you from purchasing a ring light, consider buying an Afterpay ring light – you can get your product now, but pay for it later.

If you have never purchased a ring light before, we recommend purchasing a small circular light online, as this can be a cheap ring light option and allow you to get used to the equipment and decide whether you need a larger version. A perfect ring light for beginners would be the Selfie Lamp Ring Light Pro, or the Beauty Mini 8” LED Ring Light.

If this ain’t your first rodeo and you have the budget to run wild, go ahead and purchase a larger ring light. We highly recommend the Beauty Starter 14” LED Ring Light, the Beauty Expert 18” Ring Light, or the Beauty Queen 19” LED Ring Light. There are also more options available in our Australian ring light store. Don’t be shy!


How can I be sure that I am purchasing a good ring light?

There is nothing worse than spending a large sum of money, only to realise that it has been wasted on a poor-quality product. When researching ring lights in Australia, take your time and ensure you aren’t missing any critical details. You might like to initially browse and think about your decision for a week or so. This will give you time to reflect on what you really need and what you can really afford. Here is list of checkpoints that we recommend you go through before making an online ring light purchase.

  • Are you purchasing the ring light from a trustworthy ring light company?

If the website or company looks dodgy, it might be best to purchase your ring light elsewhere. Always beware of online scammers and only give your credit card details through secure online portals.

  • Is the ring light going to be the perfect size for you?

As we mentioned above, ring light size does matter. If you want a lightweight, transportable, simple, and cheap ring light, consider buying something on the smaller size. If you need your studio to look ultra-professional and you work with clients on a daily basis, it may be worthwhile investing in something larger.

  • Does the ring light come with all the functions you require?

There are several cool effects, functions and accessories that come with the best ring lights. Some of these include: dimming light features, colour changing lights, tripod stands, flexible arms, camera holders, power plugs or battery packs, and carry bags. Most of the ring lights in our online ring light store come with a range of features, which is great value for you as a customer. It also ensures you can maximise the use of your ring light and use it to its fullest potential.

  • How is the ring light supported, and does this suit your usage?

Tripods are an effective way to support a ring light, and while most ring lights come with a tripod as standard, you may want to check that they definitely do. Even our Beauty Mini 8” Ring Light comes with a miniature ring light stand. If you must buy a tripod separately, this may be a difficult and time-consuming exercise.  Alternatively, a smaller ring light may be more suited to a lamp or clip-on support system. Our Selfie Lamp Ring Light Pro is an example of this.

  • Does it have LED bulbs?

LED lights are the most powerful and effective bulb types. If you want a safe ring light option that will provide hundreds of usage hours, ensure you purchase an LED ring light.

  • Will it ship to you in a reasonable time frame?

Purchasing through an Australian online ring light company will often mean quicker shipping than if you buy from an international company. It also means you are supporting a local ring light business and contributing to the local economy. You will also have a better experience if, for any reason, you need to engage with the customer service team for any support along the way.


If you are interested in purchasing a ring light but need more information, browse our blog and look through the products on our online ring light shop. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our range or quality. Happy ring light hunting!

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9 benefits of using a ring light

LED Ring Light

As self-confessed ring light lovers, we know that the modern lighting tool can have an enormous range of benefits. To help you understand their purpose and functionality, we have listed ten of our favourite ring light benefits. If you purchase a popular Australian ring light online, you will soon be able to take advantage of all these great benefits, too!

  1. Ring lights can reduce shadows and unsightly highlights

Selfie fanatics will understand how important lighting is for looking good. If the scene is too dark or too bright, your photo will be ruined. In many conditions, dark shadows and over-exposed highlights are inevitable, but the best ring lights in Australia can help to heavily reduce them. Because of their unique shape, ring lights can help to diffuse light in a more balanced manner and ensure that there are no odd shadows being cast on your face.

  1. Ring lights will help you to apply your makeup better

Makeup artists and beauticians love popular LED ring lights because they allow for better makeup application. As noted above, ring lights balance the shadows and highlights on a subject, which means every feature is equally highlighted on the face. By having better visibility, you can better apply a flattering makeup look.

  1. You can achieve the ‘halo’ eye affect with a ring light

The innovative circular shape of a ring light can produce favourable affects. One of the most adored benefits of using an online ring light is the halo eye affect that is created. When using your ring light, you will notice that the tool gives a special sparkle in your eye, which can look fantastic in photographs.

  1. A ring light will make your studio look extra professional

If you want your makeup or photography studio to look extra professional in front of clients, lighting tools are a great way to amplify the aesthetic. Most of your clients will have heard about the best LED ring lights, and they will be very impressed and satisfied to see one in your studio. It might even make them more relaxed because they know that they will be more flattered in the balanced light.

  1. Ring lights will help you to produce better photography

Ring lights are extremely popular because of their ability to flatter a subject in a photograph. Not only do professional photographers use LED ring lights during their photoshoots, but influencers and makeup artists also enjoy being able to take better photos with the use of a ring light. If you are conducting large photo shoots in a stable location, you might like to buy a large ring light online. Generally, a larger ring light will be better at balancing light diffusion, and it will allow for a greater space to become illuminated.

  1. Ring lights are also useful in videography

If you are an influencer, you probably take videos as well as photographs. Just like when you are taking a photo, a ring light can be used when taking a video. With many mini LED ring lights, you can secure your mobile phone or camera in the centre of the ring light. All you need to do is clamp the device in place and start recording. The ring light will naturally enhance the quality of your video footage, and it will flatter you throughout the film.

  1. Ring lights are a transportable lighting tool

One of the reasons that ring lights are becoming more popular than any other lighting tool is because they are so easily transportable. Most ring lights have a lightweight design, which means they can be carried to different locations without a struggle. Some also have a foldable structure, so you can pack them up for travel. Small ring lights, such as a 10” or 12” ring light, are very appropriate for travelling. Whether you are heading off to a photoshoot, meeting a client at their house, or starting an adventurous trip around the world, a ring light can be a great companion to have handy.

  1. Ring lights mean you can work in any weather

Sunny days are ideal for makeup application, photography, and videography. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with 365 days of sunshine in the year, so effective lighting is necessary to brighten our studios and faces. The best ring lights will embody the effect of a sunny day and produce perfectly balanced light whether you are indoors or outdoors. They allow for continuous and consistent lighting, so you don’t need to worry about light and shade changing while you work.

  1. Ring lights are so easy to use

With many big and confusing light tools on the market, it can be nearly impossible to set them up and start working with them. Thankfully, ring lights are one of the simplest lighting devices you could possibly purchase. Most have a simple charging system and are turned on with the click of just one button!

What are the best ring lights Australia?

To ensure you can have all the best benefits of a ring light, you need to make sure you are purchasing a quality ring light from a reputable ring light company in Australia. Although there are many cheap ring lights online, sometimes it is worthwhile spending a little extra to ensure you’re getting a top-quality product. If you are on a budget, or don’t have the money to pay upfront, many online ring light businesses are offering Afterpay ring lights, so you can have the product immediately, but pay the price off over a longer period.

When purchasing a ring light, it is also important that you get a safe lighting system that won’t damage your eyes or skin. Our online ring lights produce no ultraviolet or infrared light radiation, so they are completely safe to use. They also have a low heat output which means they shouldn’t cause injury or pain.

Our Influencer Range 18” LED Ring Light is one of the most popular circular lighting tools available in our store right now. As an affordable ring light option, it is much loved by the public. Some of the key features included with this popular ring light include a large tripod, carry bay, remote control, digital display, rechargeable battery, and express delivery. For your money investment, you will receive an exceptionally durable, powerful, and practical tool that is guaranteed to amplify the potential of your studio. For a fast delivery ring light, you can’t look past this particular product.

Our Beauty Queen 19” LED Ring Light is another product within our range that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the public. It is particularly popular because of its wide dimming range and filters that can generate warm and cool colour lighting effects. When you purchase this LED ring light online through our store, you will also receive a large 2m light stand and slick carry bag. It is the largest and brightest ring light that we have available, so it is guaranteed to deliver the results you desire.

Not everybody wants a large ring light Australia. If you plan to travel with your circle light, you might want something that is more compact and easily transportable. In this case, our Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light is ideal for you. This compact ring light is one of the most affordable ring lights in our store. It has the ability to switch between three different modes of warm and cool colours, and you can adjust the brightness easily. This quality ring light has a mount for your smartphone, so you can quickly attach your selfie camera and start taking photos or videos. With a service life of more than 50,000 hours, you are sure to get bang for your buck. It also has an extra-long cord and heavy-duty thumb screws so it can last a lifetime with you.

If you want an even smaller ring light, you can choose our cheapest ring light Australia. Our Selfie Lamp Ring Light Pro is a perfect ‘first ring light’ for people who want to test out the tool without spending too much money. Positioned on flexible and bendable arms, this ring light has more versatility than any other light on the market. Thanks to a handy smartphone holder, it can help you to take quick selfies with ease. Some of the other unique features of this mini ring light include: USB charging, long charging cable, nine levels of light brightness, and several different cold and warm light settings. It is super easy to use and, as one of our Afterpay ring lights, you can purchase this popular ring light on any budget!

For people who want the best of both worlds, a medium-sized ring light can be purchased. We consider our mid-range ring light option to be the Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light, as featured in our online ring light store. This ring light has the perfect balance of light effectiveness and transportability. As well as having a mobile phone attachment, it comes with a handy carry bag, large tripod, and a free mirror. The product has a long battery life and can be easily charged with a long standard Australian power cord. Just like all of our best ring lights, it is certified for maximum durability and unparalleled power.

Regardless of which particular ring light you decide you purchase, you must ensure that you are buying from a trustworthy online ring light shop. When you order through our digital store, your product is always going to be high quality. We dispatch all orders within 24 hours of purchase, and you can opt for express delivery if you need the Afterpay ring light delivered quickly.

How to make the most of your ring light

If you are going to be investing in a ring light, it is important that you maximise your use of it. There is no point purchasing a ring light and letting it get dusty in the cupboard! We know that ring lights are extremely valuable because they are used by hundreds of vloggers, influencers, photographers and beauticians every day. If you want to be just like the professionals, you need to practise, practise, practise! Practise does make perfect, as they say.

First of all, we recommend that you get out and about with your ring light to start practising how to use it. You might like to start by shining the ring light indoors. Positioning the LED light directly in front of your face (or your subject’s face) is the easiest way to achieve results. You should notice an immediate balance of light and reduction of shadows. Depending on the light exposure in your indoor room, you may need to adjust the brightness of the ring light to suit your environment.

After playing with the ring light indoors, try the same thing outdoors. You will probably notice that the brightness settings need to be adjusted yet again to cater for the different environment. It is always best to face away from the sun, as this will mean that you aren’t needing to squint or cringe in the bright light. Don’t forget that most ring light tripods can be adjusted to ensure the light is in front of your eyes when you are standing and sitting.

Once you have a good understanding of the basic way to use a ring light, you might like to get creative. Bringing the ring light closer to your face, or further away from your face, will create diverse affects. You can also try different angles to get a quirky shade over parts of your cheeks and nose. Moreover, raising the ring light higher or lower could produce an unusual impact with some forehead highlights or lowlights.

After months of use, you may find that you want a larger or smaller ring light to accompany your original purchase. Many ring lights users eventually find a need to upgrade to a slightly different light. As well as upgrading the light itself, you can purchase additional accessories and equipment to supplement the LED circle light tool.