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13 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy A Ring Light

  1. What am I going to be using my ring light for?

Ring lights can serve a range of purposes and functions. It’s important that you understand what you will primarily be using your ring light for to know what ring light is going to be best for you. Some ring lights are better suited for some purposes than others.

Some of the people who typically use ring lights are: makeup artists, bloggers, videographers, social media influencers, TikTok users, Instagram users, amateur makeup artists, beauticians, hairdressers, professional photographers, celebrities, dentists, medical professionals, amateur beauticians, scientists, visual artists, corporate professionals, customer service representatives, television presenters, and more.

  1. Does this ring light have the features and functionality that I need?

If you plan to use your ring light in a specific or certain way, it’s critical that the ring light you purchase has all the accessories and features that you need. Think deeply about how you plan on using your ring light and make your purchase accordingly.

  1. What size ring light is most appropriate for me?

When you start searching for ring lights online, you will notice that they come in a wide range of different sizes. Most ring lights will be between the sizes of 9” and 18”. Ring lights that are less than 10” are usually considered to be small ring lights, whereas anything over 16” would be classed as a large ring light. Many people opt for a medium sized ring light (around 12-14”) that will provide them with the perfect balance between a large and small ring light.

Ultimately, the best sized ring light for you will depend on how you plan to use the ring light and where you plan on using the ring light. We recommend getting a measuring tape and picturing how the ring light would fit in your room or studio. While you want to take advantage of all the space you have, there’s no need to have an enormous ring light that will be cumbersome in a small space.

Generally speaking, the bigger the ring light, the better the ring light. Bigger ring lights are more powerful and can offer a great effect when in use. Other benefits of a large ring light are that they will often last longer and can be used for a greater range of purposes. Some big ring lights also come with additional features so they can present additional value for money.

On the other hand, small ring lights have benefits that can make them a more appropriate solution for some people. Smaller ring lights are generally more portable, foldable, lightweight, affordable, and easy to use. If you only have a small area in your studio or bedroom, a small ring light could be the best option for you. A small ring light is also a great introduction to the beauty world and you always have the opportunity to upgrade in the future if you wish to do so.

  1. How affordable is the ring light?

Before starting to shop for your ring light, you might want to set yourself a realistic budget that suits your circumstances. If you plan to use your ring light for business purposes, you may be able to apply the ring light as a tax deduction at the end of the year, however this is something you will need to check with your account and ensure you keep all receipts for. Affordable ring lights can be purchased from reputable online ring light companies.

If you are shopping for your ring light on a tight budget, you might want to consider opting for an Afterpay ring light. Afterpay ring lights allow you to get your ring light immediately and pay the total cost later. It is a very helpful financial support for people who need a ring light or want a ring light as soon as possible, but they don’t have all the funds to pay upfront.

  1. Where is the ring light company based?

It’s important to purchase a ring light Australia because it means you will receive your ring light quicker and have a better customer service experience. When purchasing a ring light through an international company, you run the risk of having delivery delays and increased prices due to extravagant shipping costs.

Australian ring light brands offer the most premium customer service, which means you can have the best experience possible as a consumer. It also means you can support a local business and make a positive impact with your ring light purchase. Australian ring lights are often better quality and capable of serving you for a longer period of time.

  1. Does the ring light come with a tripod?

All ring lights are different. Some are supported by a desk stand, others are supported with clip, and others are supported by a tripod. Generally, larger ring lights require a tripod to be supported, but smaller ring lights can be propped atop a desk stand or lamp clip. When measuring up your ring light space to see how the ring light will fit in your room or studio, you should also consider the size of the tripod or stand.

Tripods are the sturdiest form of ring light support, but they do require additional room for their legs to be spread out on the ground. Most tripods are easy to use and fold down, so you shouldn’t have any problems using the tripod once you get the hang of it. Tripods are best suited for people who plan to use their ring light for professional filming, professional photography, or studio purposes.

A desk stand will be much smaller and more compact than a tripod. In some circumstances, it might a preferrable option because it can minimise the amount of space the ring light consumes overall. For office workers, amateur makeup artists and some home vloggers, a desk stand ring light could be best suited to your intended methods of use.

Some ring light companies Australia will require you to order your desk stand or tripod separately, whereas others will offer a complementary tripod as an inclusion with your ring light purchase. It’s important that you check what features and accessories are included with your ring light order because you might not be able to use your ring light if it doesn’t come delivered with all the other accessories you need.

  1. Does the ring light come with a smartphone mount?

If you want to use your ring light for taking selfies or filming videos, it’s important that the ring light has a specific smartphone mount to be placed in the inner circle of the light. By having your smartphone positioned in this inner circle, you will ensure that the circular LED ring lighting isn’t obstructed in any way when you take a photo. Having it on a dedicated mount also means you can set the camera on timer and move your hand away from the light – therefore, making the image look more professional and dynamic.

Even if you don’t plan on initially using your ring light for selfies and vlogging, most people who purchase a ring light often end up using it for these purposes as well as the original reasons they bought the ring light. Once they realise how flattering and effective the unique light is, they can’t help but want to use it for a range of purposes!

Always check that your ring light comes with a smartphone mount, or see if there will be a suitable accessory that can be bought and attached later. More specifically, you should investigate whether the smartphone mount is going to suit your specific type of phone. Obviously, some mobile phones are larger than others, so it’s important that the smartphone mount is adjustable to suit all types of smartphone.

  1. Can the ring light fold down and be transportable?

Lightweight ring lights are most appropriate if you plan on transporting your ring light and using it in different destinations. Some ring light tripods can be folded down to a more compact version that is suitable for transporting in a car or handbag. It is common for social media influencers and vloggers to use their ring light in a variety of different places as they go about their day. Some mobile makeup artists also need to transport their ring lights so they can be set up and used whenever they visit a client.

  1. Does the ring light come with a ring light carry bag?

Further to the previous point about having a lightweight and transportable ring light, you should also consider whether there is some sort of bag or cover that can help you move the ring light. A ring light carry bag will help keep your ring light safe and clean while it is being transported. When looking at ring light carry bags, you should be favouring bags that have supportive padding that will ensure your ring light doesn’t shatter or get damaged easily. This is especially important if you plan to take your ring light when travelling via plane or long-form transport.

  1. How long will it take the ring light to be delivered?

People who need their ring light quickly should always check the expected delivery time frame to see whether it will suit their needs. There’s no point buying a ring light if it isn’t going to be delivered in time for your special occasion.

As mentioned previously, purchasing a ring light Australia will reduce delivery time and ensure you get your ring light in a suitable timeframe. If you desperately need your ring light for an upcoming event or project, you might want to communicate with the customer service team of your chosen ring light company to query and confirm whether the ring light can definitely be delivered on time. Express delivery options may also be available through some ring light companies.

  1. Does the ring light offer versatility?

Once you come to understand your ring light and fully appreciate all the benefits it offers, it’s likely that you will want to use it for a range of purposes. You should consider whether your ring light can be adjusted to suit all functions. Ask the seller if the ring light can be used with a smartphone, mirror, or empty inner circle. If it can do all the above, then it may be the right ring light for you. If not, you might have to accept that you will need several individual ring lights to serve all functions and purposes.

  1. Is the ring light available on sale?

Who doesn’t love a good sale? If you want to purchase your ring light at the best possible price, you might want to wait until your ring light company of choice has a sale. Speaking to a customer service representative could help you determine whether there will be an upcoming sale or if you should purchase the ring light at the price it is advertised for now.

It’s important to note that, when it comes to ring lights, it can sometimes be worth paying a little extra money to ensure you are getting a high-quality product that will offer durability and effectiveness. Ring lights are a significant investment, so it is preferrable to find a product that can serve you well into the future without any troubles.

  1. Can the ring light company be trusted?

Purchasing from a ring light Australia company means the brand will have more accountability and responsibility to offer you a quality product. Nobody wants to waste their money, so you should do some fair research before ordering a ring light online. Never enter your credit card details to a company that doesn’t offer a secure payment portal.

We recommend researching ring light reviews to find the best ring light brand in your area. Ring light reviews will help you understand the nature and quality of the product, and feel confident that you are making the right purchase. You can also talk to your friends and family to see if they have had any positive or negative experiences when purchasing ring lights.

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What Makes Ring Lights Better Than A Standard Studio Light?


When hearing about ring lights for the first time or looking into purchasing a beginner’s ring light, many people often wonder what makes ring lights better than any other household light.

As ring light pros, we know that ring lights provide a wide range of benefits that you just can’t achieve with any other type of light. Our team of ring light lovers have compiled a short list of some of the major benefits of a ring light. Keep reading to be inspired.

  1. The unique shape of a ring light.

The circular style of a ring light is what sets it apart from other standard household lights. Because of its round nature, it presents a unique type of light. Instead of only lighting one section of your face, it perfectly balances the light across all your features. The result is that your skin appears extra smooth and all your blemishes are hidden.

Because of the empty inner circle of a ring light, you can also easily put a camera or mirror in the middle of the light. This is extremely handy when taking a photo or applying your makeup. When using other types of lights, there is nowhere to place your camera or mirror without casting a huge ugly shadow across your face. Many of the best ring lights also now come with a smartphone mount or mirror mount, so you can easily position your phone, camera or mirror in the centre of the light and work away. You’ll find that all the ring lights for sale in our ring light store are well equipped with all the accessories you need to use your ring light to its fullest potential.

  1. The power of the LED lighting.

LED ring lights are extremely powerful and offer a much brighter lighting solution that other studio lights. Many of the best ring lights Australia has to offer also have brightness adjusting settings, so you can alter the brightness if it is too soft or bright for you. This is especially important if you plan to use your ring light in different locations, because you will be able to adjust the dimness and ensure your ring light suits your environment.

In darker locations, you might need to turn the brightness up, whereas in bright environments (like outdoors), you might need to turn the brightness down. Either way, LED ring lights offer a great amount of power and can be used to light up any situation.

  1. Ring lights eliminate shadows.

One of the major benefits of a ring light is that it reduces dark shadows on your face. The circular design of the light means there is a perfectly balanced light being shone onto your skin. With normal lights, you might find that you have darkness around your nose or ears where your face isn’t being lit up properly. This is never an issue with a ring light Australia because it can present a lovely balanced colour across your entire face.

When you go to take a selfie, you won’t have to worry about ugly shadows making you look funny in the image. Also, when you apply your daily makeup, you can rest assured that you will be able to see all sections of your face and blend the makeup accordingly.

  1. Ring lights provide a flattering light.

Ring lights are known to hide acne and skin blemishes, so they are ideal when trying to take a selfie for Instagram or film a video for TikTok. If you want a stunning flattering light when you take photos, shoot videos, and look in the mirror, then a ring light is perfect for you. There’s no shame in wanting to look your best on social media or while taking selfies with friends.

As mentioned above, ring lights can reduce shadows and help to emphasise the beautiful parts of your face and body. Ring lights will hide your blemishes and smooth out your skin, but also put a little shine and sparkle into your skin. The best ring lights for taking selfies and filming vlogs are the Selfie Lamp Ring Light Pro or the Pro 10” Desktop Ring Light. You simply can’t go wrong with a LED ring light.

  1. The fact that ring lights are used by vloggers and influencers across the world.

It’s hard to deny the benefits of a ring light when the circular LED lighting tools are being used by thousands of A-List celebrities and social media icons across the globe. If you want to learn more about celebrities who use ring lights, you can search online to find out what celebrities are currently choosing to use a ring light over a standard studio light. To help you find the best celebrity ring light, you can also research ring light reviews to learn the best ring lights on the market right now.

Some of the most popular ring lights being purchased by celebrities across the globe include the Influencer Range 18” LED Ring Light and the Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light. If you are looking for a smaller and more affordable option, you might also want to consider the Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light. There are even more ring light options available on our Australian ring light website right now – browse away!

  1. The versatility of ring lights.

Ring lights can have so many different purposes. Although ring lights are mainly used by beauticians and makeup artists, they can also be used by a range of other people. Scientists, hairdressers, photographers, film artists, painters, office workers, amateur beauticians, selfie takers, and other people have been known to use a ring light. It’s no wonder they are so popular in a wide range of industries when they offer such versatility.

Some people even choose to use their ring light as a standard household lamp when they aren’t using it specifically for makeup application or taking selfies. If you purchase a large ring light, you might be able to place it around the home and have it as a fun and effective lamp.

  1. Ring lights create a special halo effect in your eyes.

The round shape of a ring light can be known to cast an adorable halo light into your eyes when you take a selfie or shoot a video. This effect is very flattering and cute, and you might even notice many of your favourite celebrities posting photos with a gorgeous glint in their eye (which is probably the result of a ring light!).

To achieve the halo effect, you may need to do some testing and trialling of your ring light. Try positioning the ring light at different angles around your face to see if the halo effect starts to show in your eyes. If you can’t notice the halo effect, try to turn up the brightness on your ring light or place your body at shoulder-height with the LED circle.

  1. Ring lights can easily be ordered online.

Unlike other studio lights or household lights, ring lights can quickly and easily be purchased online through ring light Australia stores. In our popular ring light store, you can even get an Afterpay ring light so you receive your ring light immediately without having to pay the full cost straight away. Ring lights are a fun, modern tool used by women and men across the globe.

To see some of the options of ring lights online, check out our Influencer Range 18” LED Ring Light and Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light. Both of these lights are guaranteed for quality, and both are used by reputable makeup artists and social media influencers from states across Australia. If you are looking for a smaller and more transportable option, you might also want to consider the Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light or Pro Range 12” LED Ring Light. They are great as a beginner’s option and will help you cut costs.

  1. Ring lights can be more affordable than other versions of lighting.

If you have financial restraints, ring lights might be a more cost-effective lighting option. Many beauty and hairdresser studios are now opting for ring lights because they are cheaper than other forms of studio lighting. Instead of needing 5-10 studio lights to use throughout the room, you only need one ring light to provide the same amount of light. As you will see on our ring light website, we are currently having a sale on some of our most popular ring lights – so you can snatch a bargain if you act quickly.

As mentioned above, there are also some Afterpay ring lights that can be purchased as part of a buy now, pay later plan. This is especially handy for people who want to use their ring light now but pay the full price later on.

  1. Ring lights are easy to use.

Most modern ring lights are extremely easy to turn on and use. Although every ring light is slightly different, they can all be easily worked out if you follow instructions. If you are looking for a particularly simple and straightforward ring light, then you might want to consider a ring light with touch screen. The touch screen feature allows you to easily change the brightness and colour setting, without needing to fiddle with a remote or buttons.

Are there any negatives of a ring light?

To be completely honest, there aren’t many negatives of an LED ring light. They are modern, innovative, simple and effective! Most people who purchase a high-quality ring light are impressed with how effective the lighting tool is, and they quickly want to upgrade to an even bigger and more expensive ring light.

However, it is important that you purchase your ring light via a reliable Australian ring light distributor. If you buy a cheap and nasty ring light from a dodgy seller, you might find that it doesn’t work properly and doesn’t last long. Sometimes it is worth paying a little bit extra to ensure you are getting a quality light. To learn more about the ring light company you want to purchase from, you should search for ring light reviews and see what previous customers have to say about them.

It is usually a good sign if the company has a customer service hotline or online chat function, because this means you will be able to contact them if there are any issues with your ring light order.

Some second-hand ring lights might also cause problems. If purchasing a ring light second-hand, it’s essential that you ask the seller why they are selling the ring light. You should also give the ring light a test-run to ensure it works properly.

It’s also a good idea to think about what ring light is perfect for you. Buying a ring light that doesn’t suit your particular needs won’t be of any use to you. Some of the questions you might like to ask yourself before making a ring light purchase include:

  • Will this ring light fit in my studio or bedroom?
  • Does this ring light offer good value for money?
  • What is the return policy on this ring light if I change my mind?
  • Can I afford this ring light or should I buy an Afterpay ring light?
  • Does this ring light come with a stand or tripod?
  • Will this ring light be delivered in time for me?
  • Do I need to transport this ring light, and does it pack down to do this?
  • Can I mount my smartphone, camera, or mirror in the centre of this ring light?

To browse some of the best ring lights Australia, visit our online ring light store. Our professional ring lights are being sold to happy buyers across the country every minute. Take advantage of our current ring light sales now.

Happy shopping!

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Top 11 Ring Lights In 2021 for TikTok, YouTube & Instagram



  1. Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light

For those who are on a tight budget or simply prefer an entry-level ring light, our adorable 10” LED ring light is perfect. Paired with a 1.8m tripod and easy-to-use smartphone mount, this ring light is ideal for people who film videos on their phone and like to upload directly to social media. It is a great size to place in your bedroom or on your desk, and it can easily be transported if necessary.

This popular ring light comes with a range of awesome features that make it perfect for any wannabe TikTok star. They include: dimmable settings, lightweight build, extra long cord, heavy duty screws, flexible arm, long service life of more than 50000 hours, safety features, and portable design.

We highly recommend this best-selling ring light for anybody who is starting out as an influencer and wants to take a top-notch selfie. Not only will it hold your smartphone for you while you strike a pose, but it will ensure you look fantastic in every photograph or video.

  1. Pro Range 12” LED Ring Light

This mid-range 12” LED ring light is perfect for anybody who is starting to get serious about their social media and want a reliable ring light to enhance their online presence. One thing that influencers and vloggers particularly love about this light is its ability to hold your smartphone while you film or take a selfie. It’s super easy and quick to use, and provides total workability for YouTube and Instagram users.

The ring light is black in colour and comes with a huge range of excellent features, including dimming settings, USB powering, strong LED lighting, 27cm desktop stand, mount compatible with all smartphones and mobile phones. It’s even got a 1 year limited Australian warranty, which is a testament to the quality of the ring light.

You can’t go wrong with this ring light, which is why we strongly recommend it for all first-time ring light users. It’s very affordable and, if you order now, it can be dispatched en route to your home within 24 hours. You’ll have it in your bedroom in no time!

  1. Makeup Starter 12” LED Ring Light

This innovative ring light isn’t just appropriate for social media influencers and vloggers, it’s also used by some of Australia’s best makeup artists and beauticians. We believe it’s the most professional ring light Australia and guaranteed to enhance your selfies instantly.

At 12”, it is the perfect size for vlogging and taking selfies. When positioned at shoulder-height and approximately one metre from your face, it will illuminate your profile in a flattering manner and ensure all blemishes are smoothened out for your photo.

Not only does it have a 1.8m tripod and smartphone mount, but the ring light also comes with a stylish carry bag. The LED ring light also has warm and cool colour settings and dimming functions, so you can alter the settings to suit any environment you might find yourself in.

  1. Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light

The 5-star ring light reviews speak for themselves on our 14” ring light. This is an idea lighting tool if you want a ring light that is the perfect balance between our large options and smaller options. It comes with a smartphone mount, carry bag, mirror and extra-large tripod, making it perfect for indoor use and taking selfies with multiple friends.

  1. Influencer Range 18” LED Ring Light

Calling all influencers! This is the number one ring light for you. Most notably, this extra-large LED ring light has an in-built digital display to help you manage the settings and coordinate the cutest selfie ever. When you buy this world-class studio light, you will never need to upgrade, as it has all the features and qualities you will ever need.

Despite its incredible features and noteworthy benefits, this ring light is still easy to use and highly reliable. It comes with a remote control, carry bag, mirror and extra-large tripod to ensure it can be useful for every type of TikTok, YouTube or Instagram trendsetter.

  1. Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light

This large ring light is very popular among beauty bloggers and makeup artists who use TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Because of its enormous size, it is the best possible lighting tool when applying and assessing makeup. It comes fully equipped with a carry bag, mobile phone holder, cradle head & a light stand, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  1. Pro Range 18” LED Ring Light

If we had to recommend a LED ring light for professionals and social media celebrities, it would be this one. Our 18” LED ring light truly does have every feature you need. As well as having a 1.8m tripod and carry bag included, it also comes with a free 8” mirror. This means you can use the ring light to apply your makeup before you even start filming for TikTok or Instagram.

Just like many of our other beloved ring light products, it has in-built colour and brightness settings to help you craft the perfect photograph. When you use this Afterpay ring light, there’s no doubt that your selfies and videos will look brighter, bolder and better than ever before.

  1. Selfie Lamp Ring Light Pro

Love taking selfies for Instagram? Then this is the ring light for you! Our special selfie lamp ring light is unlike any of the ring lights mentioned before. It’s ideally designed to use for quick selfies and pics on the go. Its small size means it is very suitable for vlogging, FaceTiming, self-timer photos, and more.

Some of the much-loved features of this one-of-a-kind selfie lamp include quick USB charging, long USB charging cable, adjustable brightness, smartphone holder, and manoeuvrable lamp arms.

Because of its smaller size, it is one of the most affordable ring lights Australia right now. When the prices are this low, there’s no excuse not to buy. It also comes with three different kinds of light and nine different levels of brightness, meaning it can easily be altered for both indoor and outdoor use. There’s nothing this little selfie lamp can’t do!

  1. Pro 10” Desktop Ring Light

If you tend to take selfies and film vlogs while seated at a desk, there is no better ring light for you than our 10” desktop LED ring light. This light has been specifically designed to suit home offices and beauty studios that feature a table or desk.

This desktop-suitable product comes with a sturdy desktop stand, smartphone mount and remote control for easy and effective use. Unlike other ring lights Australia, once you position this ring light in the spot you like best, you will never have to move it again. Some people purchase this desktop ring light in addition to another portable ring light version, so they can have a permanent ring light based at home and one that’s ready to carry around on the go.

  1. Pro 12” Desktop Ring Light

The 12” desktop ring light is similar to our 10” version, but larger and more powerful. Because it is bigger in size, it is even more effective at reducing shadows, flattering your profile, and delivering a professional light in any setting.

It also comes with a sturdy desktop stand, smartphone mount and remote control for easy and effective use.All of our customers who have purchased the 12” desktop ring light have been happy with their purchase and report that they use their ring light every single day!

  1. Pro Multi Duo Light

Our eleventh best ring light isn’t quite the same as the other ring lights listed above. It’s an intriguing new studio lighting tool that is taking the world by storm and rapidly rising to be one of the most popular products in our store. The multi duo light features two large LED strips that emit light from either angle onto your cheeks. Many well-known influencers have already claimed that this multi duo light is changing the game in the social media.

Similar to circular ring lights, but boasting a range of additional benefits, the Multi Duo Light creates a wonderfully balanced and flattering light that eliminates all undesirable shadows from your profile. The parallel LED features produce strong beams of light that equally shine all aspects of a scene, allowing for the loveliest lighting possible. It is highly transportable and very simple to use.

Currently, the multi due light comes with a complementary carry bag, smartphone mount and large tripod to help you use the lighting tool to its fullest effect. You’ll have no problems taking the world’s best selfie with this light, and it is sure to provide you with a reliable lighting solution for years to come. If you want to stay ahead of the trends and get a revolutionary lighting tool in your very own home, you can order this light now and get rapid 24-hour dispatch. Yippee!


How can a ring light help you on TikTok, YouTube & Instagram?

As we’ve already mentioned, ring lights Australia are perfect for users of TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Many of the best vloggers and influencers from across the world have been known to use a ring light when vlogging and taking selfies. The best ring lights offer a range of benefits that makes them a quality investment for any budding social media icon. We’ve listed just a few of the amazing results you may notice once you start using your ring light. There are plenty of other great benefits of ring lights – but if we listed them all, we’d be here for weeks!

                Give more balanced lighting

Because of their unique shape and powerful lighting ability, ring lights can help to light up your video better than any other lighting tool on the market. Many of the best ring lights Australia also come with dimness settings and features, so you can alter how strong the ring light is behaving. This is perfect if you regularly take selfies or shoot videos in different locations, because you can change the dimness to suit the particular destination you are filming in.

                Better quality video and imagery

When ring lights light up your face and background, they improve the quality of the image being taken. This will help you to look extra professional in your TikTok, YouTube or Instagram profile, and it will ensure you have the best quality photos possible. All blemishes will be hidden, but all your best features will be shown in the greatest quality and detail. It’s a win-win situation!

                Get flattering lighting

All the best vloggers and influencers know that it can be really difficult to look good when shooting a video or taking a selfie. Bad lighting, bad angles and bad scenery can all contribute to a poor image. If you want to become famous or well-liked online, it’s incredibly important that you shoot your videos and selfies in a flattering setting. Ring lights are known to create a highly flattering light that smooths out your skin and hides any blemishes on your face. Plenty of Instagrammers agree that using a ring light is even more effective than using photoshop!


For more articles and information about beauty and ring lights, read our latest blogs: 21 Biggest Beauty Trends For 2021, The Best Ring Lights For The New Year, How Can A Ring Light Help You During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

You can also jump onto our Australian ring light website and browse all of the ring lights mentioned in this article. Here are the quick links: Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light, Pro Range 12” LED Ring Light, Makeup Starter 12” LED Ring Light, Pro Range 14” LED Ring Light, Influencer Range 18” LED Ring Light, Beauty Expert 18” LED Ring Light, Pro Range 18” LED Ring Light, Selfie Lamp Ring Light Pro, Pro 10” Desktop Ring Light, Pro 12” Desktop Ring Light, Pro Multi Duo Light.


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10 Ways To Use A Ring Light That You’ve Never Thought Of Before


Ring lights are loved for many reasons. Not only are they an effective lighting tool, an affordable beauty product, and one of the easiest studio lights to use, they are also extremely versatile and can be utilised in a wide range of settings or by a broad spectrum of people. They are a multipurpose item that knows no boundaries.

If you already own a ring light Australia, you might be seeking new and creative ways to use the tool. If you don’t yet own a studio light but are thinking of buying a ring light online, you might be looking for more excuses to purchase it. Either way, this blog article is going to be useful for you!

As frequent ring light users, we’ve tried and tested hundreds of ways to use a ring light, and we know there are far more uses than just one. In fact, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Here’s our list of 10 ways to use a ring light (that you’ve probably never thought of before).

  1. The standard way.

Ring lights are most commonly used by vloggers and makeup artists to get a flattering light of their face. They are ideal lighting tools when applying beauty products and taking selfies. When being used for these purposes, ring lights generally should be positioned in front of your face, approximately 50cm away (depending on the size of your ring light). This will balance the light evenly across the entirety of your face, ensuring you look your absolute best and can apply your makeup appropriately.

For amateur beauticians and vloggers, we highly recommend the Selfie Ring Light.

  1. In a laboratory setting.

This might sound ridiculous at first, but trust us, ring lights are ideal for scientific laboratory environments. Because of their unique circular shape, ring lights Australia are perfect for use with a tripod and microscope. A magnifying glass or visual zooming tool can easily be poked through the middle of the ring light, allowing you to see your subject or material without any shadows being cast of the light.

For use in a laboratory or research setting, we recommend the Selfie Ring Light.

  1. As a household light or lamp.

Because of their ability to light an entire room with ease, ring lights can double as a household light. If the power ever goes out in your home, a battery powered ring light could be an essential tool for your family. Alternatively, the ring light can be useful as a lamp when reading or relaxing in your lounge space.

To have a ring light that doubles as a household light, we recommend the Pro Range 18” LED Ring Light.

  1. As a work desk accessory.

Ring lights are becoming more and more popular for office-based professionals, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. Desktop ring lights Australia typically come with a small tripod stand that can be neatly and permanently positioned on your desk or shelf. Because FaceTiming and Zoom meetings became much more common and frequent throughout the pandemic in 2020, desktop ring lights have become a must-have for anybody who is working from home. Instead of looking drab from their bedroom, corporate professionals can still look their best self, even over the camera. This is because ring lights offer a very flattering light, softening any hard features of your face and allowing your natural beauty to shine. A quality ring light

For use as a word desk accessory, we highly recommend the Pro Desktop 12” LED Ring Light.

  1. At the dentist.

Next time you visit your local dental clinic and you sit in the dental chair, look up. You’ll probably notice that your dentist uses a ring light while examining your teeth! The circular design of a ring light is appropriate for dentists because it allows them to see better in your mouth without frustrating shadows being cast over the area they are trying to examine. This just goes to show that if a ring light is good enough in the professional medical field, it must be good enough for you too.

If you are a dentist looking for a ring light to use in your clinic, you will need a large ring light. We strongly recommend the Pro Range 18” LED Ring Light.

  1. To create a haunting or dramatic facial affect.

As we mentioned above, the standard way to use a ring light as a beautician or vlogger is to position the light 0.5m away from your face, directly in front of your eyes. But what happens if you switch up the angle just a little? When you position the ring light Australia slightly lower or slightly higher than this, you’ll notice that there is some shadow and extreme highlight showing on your face in certain areas. It can create a really interested look – sometimes even a touch haunting!

We recommend playing around with your ring light when you have the chance, so you can try to get your desired effect. We particularly using our ring light on quirky angles (and getting some extreme shadow and dramatic highlights) when we are creating special effects makeup designs or getting ready for a dress up party.

To have some fun with special effects, we recommend purchasing the Pro Desktop 12” LED Ring Light.

  1. At a photobooth during a function or event.

It’s an old-school tradition to set up a fun photobooth at a function where guests can jump inside, take a selfie, and have some fun. Even though they’ve been used for many years, photobooths are still very popular at events. The only problem is that (because they are literally a booth), they often harbour a dark environment which means the party photos don’t turn out to be in the best or crispest quality.

To solve this issue, we recommend installing a ring light in your photobooth. The camera can be positioned on the ring light tripod (at the height of an average sized person) and the ring light will shine around the camera. Your guests will be extra impressed with the photos as they will be well-lit and have an extremely flattering light to help them look their absolute best.

For use in a photobooth, we recommend the Pro Range 18” LED Ring Light.

  1. As a children’s night light.

LED ring lights are extremely safe and often come with brightness adjustment settings, which means they could be perfect to use as a children’s night light. Your child could keep the light forever and continue to use it as a lamp or beauty light in their older years.

To use as a children’s night light, we recommend the Pro Desktop 12” LED Ring Light.

  1. Lighting for a passport or professional photo.

Professional photos that need to be used in official documentation (like on your passport or driver’s license) require perfect lighting and 100% visibility. Ring lights offer the best possible lighting, which makes them ideal for this purpose. When taking the photo, place your camera in the centre of the ring light. Ensure the ring light is positioned at shoulder height and approximately one or two metres from your body so the light isn’t too bright and blinding in the image. You’ll also need to stand in front of a white or plain background.

For taking photos of any kind, whether they’re professional images or selfies, we recommend the Pro Range 18” LED Ring Light.

  1. As a gift to a loved one.

If anybody you know loves beauty or photography, and they have a birthday coming up, you can impress them with a quality ring light. They are bound to be impressed and grateful for your purchase, especially considering Afterpay ring lights are one of the hottest beauty products on the market right now.

When gifting a ring light, we highly recommend the Pro Desktop 12” LED Ring Light.



Top tips for getting the most out of your ring light

No matter where or how you plan on using your ring light, there are some definite tips that everyone can make use of. To maximise how you use your ring light and ensure you get the most out of your investment, take note of these top tips as listed by our team of ring light experts and beauticians.

  • Get the dimness perfect for your environment.

The best ring lights Australia will have dimness settings, meaning you can adjust the exact brightness of the ring light to match your environment. This is important because, as the weather and daytime changes, the amount of natural light will evolve in your room. Although you want to be well-lit in the frame, it’s important that you don’t overextend the brightness, so it blinds your eyes or makes you squint during a photo. We prefer to operate our ring lights on a soft light setting because this is most flattering on the chin, forehead, and cheeks. Before making a ring light purchase, you should always check that your ring light has dimness functionality – this will often be listed in the specifications of the product. Without the ability to adjust brightness, your ring light might never be at the perfect level of light, so it will be very difficult to use effectively.

  • Position the ring light in front of your face (or to the side for a cool affect).

As we’ve mentioned above, the standard way to use a ring light is by positioning it in front of your face directly. This eliminates shadows and provides the most flattering light. However, if you want to get a quirky affect, you can try moving the ring light into other positions and seeing what happens.

  • Put the ring light at shoulder height.

The best ring lights come with an adjustable tripod accessory. This means you can position the tripod at a height that suits you best (everybody is a different height, so everybody’s ideal position will be different). We recommend positioning the ring light at shoulder height, so the circle is at the same height as your head. If you place the ring light Australia too low, your cheekbones and nose will appear too hard and chiselled. On the flip side, placing the ring light online too high will cast an unwanted shadow downward from your eyes and nose.

  • Set your camera on a timer so your arm doesn’t show in the photo.

When many people use their ring light as a camera tool for the first time, they don’t understand how to get an image that doesn’t have their arm in it as it reaches to click the camera shutter button. The key here is to set your camera onto timer mode, so you can click the shutter button and then remove your arm before the camera takes the shot. If you put the settings on a 10 second timer, you will have enough time to get your arm away and get yourself into a pose that you are happy with. A 2 or 5 second timer could also be appropriate, but some trial and error will help you understand what’s best for you.

  • If anything, get a bigger light rather than a smaller light.

If you’re looking to buy a ring light and you’re tossing up between two options, we recommend purchasing the bigger version. This is due to several reasons: you won’t have to upgrade in the future, you will get more overall power and brightness from the light, you will be able to take group selfies with the light instead of just individual selfies, and it will be an investment for your future.


To browse or purchase the best ring lights Australia, visit our online ring light shop today. There’s a whole range waiting to be explored!

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