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Are Ring Lights Bad For You In Any Way?


Just like any popular beauty product or technology tool, ring lights have a few myths circulating about them. While we already know that ring lights are the bees-knees and totes-awesome, first-time ring light buyers might find it difficult to determine whether a ring light is going to be useful and beneficial to them and their needs.

When you search through ring light reviews online, you will notice that most comments are overwhelmingly positive, while only a few are negative. That’s because almost everyone has a great experience when they purchase a ring light.

To help you understand a little bit more about ring lights, we want to address some of the major comments and concerns that have been arising in the public. Below are a number of ring light myths that need to be shut down before they cause any more chaos!

1. Are ring lights bad for your eyes?
Don’t break a sweat! There is no evidence to suggest that ring light are bad for your eyes. Many of our customers, plus members from our ring light team, have been using ring lights for years and never experienced any problems with their eyesight. Because ring lights are usually only used momentarily throughout the day, it is highly unlikely that they will cause any damage or strain to your eyes.

They are no different to any other LED lights that you use daily in your household. In fact, many customers report that they have less eye strain when using a ring light in comparison to a standard light. This is because they are able to look between the LED lighting and into the bare circle of their ring light. With other standard lights, users are forced to look directly into the centre of the light which can eventually become exhausting for the eyes.

If you are experiencing eye strain while using your ring light, you might want to adjust the brightness of your light. Looking into any bright lights (including standard household lights and the outdoor sun) can cause some eye strain, so adjusting the dimness settings on your light will help your eyes feel more comfortable. If problems persist, you might want to visit an eye doctor or optometrist to see whether there are any underlying, undiagnosed issues with your eyesight that could be causing the pain.

2. Are ring lights expensive?
The cost of your ring light will depend on what store you choose to purchase your ring light from. For small ring lights, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100-$200. For medium-sized ring lights, you might need to pay between $300-$500. For large, professionally-sized ring lights, you may find that most are priced between the range of $400 and $600.

The unique features, accessories and inclusions that come with your chosen ring light will also make a difference to how cheap or expensive it is. Some of the accessories that you might notice are included with your ring light are tripods, mirrors, smartphone mounts, remote controls, carry bags and additional batteries. Ring lights equipped with these accessories have add-on value, so while they may be more expensive to purchase, you will be able to use your ring light more effectively and achieve greater things with the light.

It’s important to note that spending a little extra on your ring light Australia in the short term can end up providing better value for money for you in the long run. Although a cheap ring light online might sound like an appealing prospect, it might not necessarily be as good quality as other more expensive ring lights. High quality ring lights (although sometimes more expensive) will generally provide more hours of usage and dependable lighting.

We recommend keeping your eyes on high-quality ring lights and waiting until they go on sale. Many cosmetic stores put their products on sale over the holiday season, as well as offering special deals throughout the year. If it’s an online store, you might want to join their mailing list to hear about any special promotions. Waiting for an awesome sale might take time, so this is only an appropriate option if you can wait patiently for your ring light rather than have it in your house immediately.

If you would like to purchase a ring light immediately, but don’t have all the funds, you can research Afterpay ring lights. With Afterpay ring lights, you can buy your ring light and have it delivered immediately, but you will be able to pay the total cost over a longer period of time. This helpful service is used by many of our ring light customers because it helps them manage their finances responsibly while also ensuring they can get products and items as they want/need them.

On the topic of financial matters, some ring lights can potentially be tax deductible if you plan to use the ring light for beauty purposes. This is mostly applicable to beauticians, hairdressers and makeup artists who may use a ring light as one of their studio lights, or to help with marketing purposes. This is something that should be confirmed with your tax accountant if you are looking to purchase a professional ring light for use in your studio and business.

3. Are ring lights bad quality?
No way! As long as you purchase your ring light through a reputable online ring light company, you will have no issues with quality. Many of our customers have purchased ring lights years ago and found that they still offer outstanding service life after all this time. The only reason any of our customers need to buy a new ring light is because they want to upgrade to a larger size or have two ring lights available in their studio or house.

There is no reason to believe ring lights are poor quality – in fact, we believe they offer outstanding quality! To ensure you are getting a good quality professional ring light, there are a range of measures and precautions you can take before making a purchase. Some of the questions you might like to ask yourself to ensure you are making a good purchase include:

  • Is the ring light company located in Australia? (Ring lights Australia are more accountable and responsible for the quality of the product they offer because they are locally operated)
  • Does the ring light have all the features and accessories you need? (If the ring light doesn’t have the necessary tripods, mounts and mirrors required to use it properly, then it might not offer the value for money that you are looking for)
  • What is the warranty period for the ring light? (All ring lights Australia should come with a warranty period which means you can return the product if it is proven to be faulty)
  • Is there a secure payment portal where you can purchase your ring light? (You should never give your credit card details to an unreliable or dodgy-looking webpage)
  • Are the ring light reviews positive for this particular ring light? (Reviews can tell you a lot about certain products, so be sure to check ring light reviews and see whether other customers have been happy or frustrated with their purchase)
  • Is the ring light being sold at a fair price? (If the ring light is unusually cheap when compared to other online ring light stores, it could be an indication of its low quality)
  • How long will it take for the ring light to be delivered? (If the expected delivery timeframe is months away, this could be because you are looking at an international ring light rather than quality ring lights Australia)

4. Are ring lights only used by makeup artists?
Makeup artists and beauticians are one of the most common users of ring lights, however they aren’t the only types of people and professionals who can use ring lights. Anybody who needs a powerful circular light can benefit from a ring light. Because they are an affordable lighting tool that is easy to use, there are a wide range of people who can purchase a ring light.

Our ring lights Australia have been purchased by: videographers, influencers, social media users, real estate agents, scientists, hairdressers, dentists, home owners, amateur makeup artists, vloggers, people who love selfies, and more.

5. Do ring lights use a large amount of electricity and power?
High quality ring lights Australia do not use too much power. Every ring light is different, so all are powered in different ways. Before purchasing a ring light, you should read the specifications of the product to understand how it is powered. Some ring lights come with a rechargeable battery, and others have a normal power plug that can be plugged into a standard power outlet in your home or studio. Ring lights shouldn’t use any more power than the other machines, lights and tools in your household.

To help save electricity, we recommend turning off your ring light when you have finished using it. Just like any other household light, there is no need to have it on if you are not specifically using it. Because your ring light will only be turned on while you are using it specifically, it is unlikely it will use much power overall.

6. Are ring lights only useful if they come in a large size?
While bigger ring lights generally have more power and are better suited to professional environments, smaller ring lights may still be more effective and appropriate for some people. Small ring lights are especially appropriate for mobile makeup artists, vloggers who film on the go, and people who love to use their ring light for selfies while travelling.

Small ring lights have a number of benefits that can make them a favourable option when compared to large ring lights. Small ring lights have minimal electricity usage, lightweight structure and complete portability. Because of their compact size, they are often easier to use.

Notably, smaller ring lights are generally more affordable than large ring lights. Therefore, a small ring light could be a great initial purchase so you can get used to using a ring light before you make a more significant investment. Our team regularly recommends that anxious buyers purchase a small ring light initially so they can have an opportunity to learn more about the lighting tools. They can then upgrade to a larger ring light once they know what they need.

7. Do ring lights emphasise blemishes and acne?
Actually, they do the opposite! When used correctly, ring lights can smoothen your skin and make your natural features glow. Ring lights Australia are known to be the most flattering lighting tools available right now, and they can help to hide your blemishes. Ring lights highlight your cheek bones and balance the light being cast across your face. By eliminating shadows and brightening your eyes, ring lights can make you look stunning in front of the mirror or camera!

In general, we recommend placing your ring light directly in front your face at shoulder height. You should have your mirror or smartphone placed in the centre of the ring light (between the circular LED light structure). This is the most flattering angle and it will ensure that your skin looks great for any photos you may be taking. You might even notice some of the light being shone beautifully in the corner of your eye.

Because ring light online are powerful lighting tools, they can also be used when applying day-to-day makeup or special occasions makeup. By placing the ring light close to your skin, you will be able to apply your makeup appropriately and ensure all blemishes are being covered with foundation or other concealer.

When it comes to ring lights, you simply can’t go wrong! For more information on ring lights, you can browse our online blog or chat online to one of our beauty professionals. Otherwise, you can go right ahead and make a ring light purchase through our beloved ring light store.